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Who is the Best Gun User in the Classic PS Series?
Odin 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Rudo 15%  15%  [ 2 ]
Kain 8%  8%  [ 1 ]
Wren PSIII 15%  15%  [ 2 ]
Demi 8%  8%  [ 1 ]
Wren PSIV 54%  54%  [ 7 ]
Total votes : 13
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, '10, 6:05 pm 
Hm...trying my best NOT to consider gun and skill animations (which would put Wren from PSIV) easily in first place, I'll go with PSIII Wren. His shot animation is pretty much the same thing for all of the different shots he has, but there's this sense of being constant with it that I like. For all generations, Wren's there, blowing his enemies to bits with his shot (I particularly enjoy blasting the Dryads...or Naiads that protect the King of Cille with his ceramic shot, that takes out a whole row). He's just that faithful, dependable guy you just want to have around as a helper. Oh, and Snorb's stories make him pretty awesome, too.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, '10, 6:21 pm 
I'm gonna unsurprise you all by voting Forren.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, '10, 7:53 pm 
My very biased answer: Rudo. Apparently I already voted in this thread some time ago, too. All stats and skills aside, my heart aches of Rudolf Steiner. He lost his family to a broken system. Sure, it seems revenge-driven for him to be blowing the crud out of biomonsters, but he could have done that without joining Rolf's team. He sought out Rolf when he learned they were investigating the actual cause of the biomonsters, which was more meaningful than just hunting down already existing biomonsters.

Wren and Wren are androids and are both programmed to protect Algol/Orakians/etc. I like them, but since it's a part of their basic function to wield weapons towards the enemies, they don't strike me as deep characters. I could vote for Kain based on his text adventure gun, but I like Rudo better. :p Demi is cute and has more personality than Wren, but her reasons for helping are no different than the other two androids.

Odin has quite possibly the most baffling reason for joining with Alis, and I must pull a Snorb and explain it in a skit:

Odin: *brushes the last bit of stone from his arms* Oh man, thanks so much, uh... you. Girl. Whatever your name is.
Alis: It's Alis; I just told you that.
Odin: Oh, right. Alex.
Alis: *rolls eyes*
Odin: Anyway, why'd you help me out? I don't know you.
Alis: My brother was killed.
Odin: He was?! That makes me angry! ODIN SMASH FOR YOUR BROTHER!!
Alis: Excellent.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, '10, 1:13 pm 
I vote for Kain, he is a nice character, originally in love with Nei and owns everybody with his guns and techniques. I just can't play PSII without him. Rudo and Wren (PSIII) are closer behind.

I dislike Odin because we think he will be very strong, but he is weak and make so many misses that you must leave him with the laser gun. The PSIV androids are just copies of PSIII androids, so they are by far the worst.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, '10, 10:56 pm 
I'm willing to let Odin go because, if I remember right, the stats are a bit messed up for him.

Kain probably gets my vote. While he doesn't get to wield anything more powerful than the lasershot, which is actually still quite good, his techniques more than make up for this. Though his techniques are meant for destroying mechs, some are usable against organic enemies I think. Plus, the sheer quantity of items that allow you to cast techniques when used helps make him more useful.
Plus, after Nei dies and all the mechs show up, he comes into his own. Though he doesn't quite remain a core member of the party. Amy is the only one, besides Rolf obviously, who is always always in the party because she's just so incredibly useful at any time. I usually leave the last 2 slots for either Rudo, Anna, Kain or Shir. While Rudo hits pretty hard, something I bring him along for in the later stages, Kain takes his place most of the time with Shir usually taking the other slot because she has some very nice techniques unavailable to Anna that help make things easier.

Ummm. Anyways, so yeah. Kain gets my vote, though Wren4 is close behind him. This is simply because he is built like a tank, heals himself, hits hard and has all those useful abilities to boot.

As for Rudo. Kind of like Wren4 really. He can take a lot of damage, a lifesaver when you first meet him, and he gets some of the most powerful weapons in the game. But besides that, he's not got much else going for him.

PostPosted: Mon May 23, '11, 11:41 pm 
Objectively speaking I'd have to put Wren (IV) on top. He's just monstrously useful as a tank, and for buffing, and he's not too shabby on damage either.

My personal favorite would probably be between him and Odin. I love pretty much everybody from the first game. Although Rudo is really cool, too.

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