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 Post subject: The Dragonball movie
PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 8:34 am 
So anime fans, have you heard of the live action Dragonball movie that's in the works? What are your thoughts on this? Does it have the potential to be a box office smash or will it fall flat? Could it start a wave of live action adaptations of other anime?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 7:07 pm 
I didn't hear about that! But I believe its going to be a bit lame, the series was way too long to make a movie about it. Its gonna be like the series of Unfortunate Events movie, only going to give you a piece of it and then not giving another for years.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 9:05 pm 
I'm with Sparky here; I don't see how this movie could be good at all. To fit Dragonball or DBZ into a two hour movie, they'll have to cut out a ton of story. Even if it's just a single arc from the anime, that's too much to fit in.

Say, is it going to be based on Dragonball (when Goku was a kid) or Dragonball Z (when he was an adult)?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 9:25 pm 
I'm sorry, I honestly laughed when I read that it's going to be some live action movie. :mrgreen:

It's totally ridiculous, really... Recycled plot and storyline, and this time with computer animated effects like giant unrealistic energy balls flying around and destroying everything with little effort. :D

Oh, and they can all fly like Superman! Yeah...that'll be so cool. Imagine the battles in mid-air... :roll:

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