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 Post subject: Red Dawn
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, '12, 2:47 pm 
Found a clip and some info on the new upcoming movie "Red Dawn" which will supposedly be out later this year.

This is a remake of the classic "Red Dawn" movie of the 1980's which starred actor Patrick Swayze (of "Dirty Dancing", "Ghost", and "North & South" fame). It also starred actor Powers Booth, another great actor.

This new version will star Chris Hemsworth ("Thor") and Conner Cruise (son of actor Tom Cruise) among others. ... 13951.html

So, anyone have any opinions on whether you think this new version may live up to the old version, or not?

Anyone else here a die-hard fan of the classic "Red Dawn" movie starring Swayze?? One of the best films ever made, imho.

 Post subject: Re: Red Dawn
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, '12, 6:18 pm 
It's been a while since I heard anything about that. I figured the project was dropped. I'm glad to see it finally moving forward.

I love the original movie. Haven't seen it in a while though, so I need to watch it again. I'm not sure about this remake. Some of that trailer looks good, but I don't like a few of the changes I saw. Some stuff has to change for a modern setting, I know. Using the USSR as an enemy wouldn't work. I think the characters should remain basically the same, though. Chris Hemsworth will probably do a good job in the lead role, but making that character a trained US Marine instead of a locally raised outdoorsman takes away part of the charm for me.

I will say that putting Jeffery Dean Morgan in Powers Boothe's role is brilliant casting, though. I expect him to nail that 100%.

 Post subject: Re: Red Dawn
PostPosted: Tue Mar 5, '13, 11:48 pm 
I saw in a sale paper in this week's newspaper that this new movie "Red Dawn" was to be released on DVD sometime this week, and I think it was March 5th (today). If so, I will certainly be looking for this one the next time I go to town. I want to see it. Although I sincerely doubt it will be as good as the older original version of the movie starring Patrick Swayze, still I want to see if and how it measures up at all.

If anyone sees it, let us know if it's any good.

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