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PostPosted: Tue Oct 6, '09, 9:18 am 
Well this is my second fan art of Lashiec. I was inspired by the concept of Dark Force corrupting Lashiec’s soul and turning him into the all-powerful twisted beast he is. As you can see I didn’t go into extreme detail on Dark Force’s face because the focus is on Lashiec being consumed by his evil aura. I did however try to make a note of Dark Force’s menacing hands symbolising the strength this life form holds. I could imagine this being part of a Manga and a speech bubble coming out of Dark Force saying “You work for me now…Emperor Lashiec!” Anyway’s hope you guys all like it. I don’t plan on colouring it however, well not at this stage anyway.


PostPosted: Tue Oct 6, '09, 3:15 pm 
He looks...demonic. Very very demonic. And that's a good thing. Nicely done, Lucas. :up:

PostPosted: Tue Oct 6, '09, 6:07 pm 
Are you perhaps going to add more detail to it?Because it could be a good piece if you ink it in and use cross-hatch shading. :yes: That method always works,especially for evil characters.They tend to be heavily shaded,to give off that dark aura. :)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 7, '09, 2:08 am 
Glad you both like it.
@ CW: Yeah I think I succeeded in making him look demonic too. :)

@ Lyla: I don't really have any inks and toners at my disposal but when I used to do creative arts I had a lot of experience with those techniques. I may consider doing it if ever get my ands on an artist ink set some time. Thanks for the idea though.

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