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PostPosted: Thu Mar 3, '22, 9:14 pm 
Kind of late and I will be only covering FIRE and PD this round.

Med: I went to Ash Wens Mass and missed the ep.

Fire: A bit of a wild ride. Lt Jason and Kidd run into a squad with an open seat. Both fighting to decide on who will get it. In the end a bit of a surprise outcome but one that brings to the heart of the house. Mouch and Herman deal with the previous owner of Molly's and a very wild night. Gallos is going to try and make Squad with Severide. Over all a good ep.

PD: A set of mysterious and brutal deaths leads to the discovery of a cult and a serial killer(s). With Ruzak and Burgess right in the middle of the case. On top of that those two are dealing with a custody issue with Burgess foster daughter. While the case turned out in their favor. The end of the ep is violent and ends on a cliff hanger.

Not a bad. Sorry for missing Med. But I had a chance and I took it.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, '22, 2:44 pm 
It is time for the recap.

MED: A very good ep that covered some fun cases. The main case was of a drug mule who came in due to an accident and Dr Scott understanding what was going on due to his past as an officer. Dr Archer and Hallstead butted heads over the treatment of someone with stomach issues. Dr Crocett gets head butted near the end of the ep. And a touching story of a woman having major mental health issues.

FIRE: The primary stories focused on Kidd finding a replacement from the previous ep and going though a few people. While Severide is trying to find out why fire investigators are being targeted. Brett breaks down over missing Matt. A pretty decent ep with some fun directions.

PD: This ep picks right up were the previous one ended. Kim's daughter has been kidnapped and now the team must try and find her. This was one emotional roller coaster. Mainly told from Kim's view. As the case unfolds this story is not as clear-cut as it seems. The outcome is great. But man it was heart breaking to watch things unfold.

Next week is all new so we shall see you then.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, '22, 3:07 pm 
Time for the recap!

MED: The primary focus of this ep was Crockett treating nearly week old infant who needs a major transplant. While also helping Dr Archer deal with a major car crash and older family who will lose more. Dr Scott treats a stabbing vic who is working for the cop we met in the previous ep. This ep had some fun stuff to it and we got to see the rare soft side of Crockett. Watch to the end for a surprise return to Med.

Fire: A rare ep that is focused on Cruz. A fire breaks out and leaves three boys from Honduras in a bad spot. With one of those boys Javi forming a bond. Violette's love life gets way more complicated as Brett is on a Leave of Absence. With Gallos feeling more than a little jealous on things. The end of the ep will leave you in tears. Great story telling on this one.

PD: After the insane ride from last week things take a step down. Sort of. The informant from previous eps is back and trying to learn more about a major drug king pin. With a main case of a young man getting gunned down. In typical PD fashion this ep has more than a few twists with Voight being at the center. Not a bad ending which sets up some major stuff later.

New eps return on Apr 6th. See you then.

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