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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, '21, 1:14 pm 
Speaking of Recaps let's dive in!

Med: This ep had a lot to unpack. Halstead had to figure out if one of the people in the clinical trial was having a reaction to the med or another issue. Charles was helping a well respected professor figure out why he was seeing someone who has been gone for a few years. Manning and Crockett were helping a man deal with a major cancer battle. In the middle of all of this Dr Choi goes down after coming back having his gall bladder removed earlier that morning. (Yes you read that right). Over all a great ep with a lot of twists and turns. Even a possible love triangle brewing.

Fire: A homeless camp gets set on fire and that leave Casey and Severide to try and figure out what is going on. The B story focuses on Brett and the Lt from the other fire company. Does have another cringe moment as a gave stone marker crushes a guy's arm. We also find out that Brett is extremely afraid of clowns. However the high point of the ep focuses on Ritter who helps one of the homeless get back on her feet. A touching moment that shows some hope in this crazy world.

PD: The ep puts Ruzack in the focus and he is caught in a major issue. Using one of his CI's to try and bring down a new drug empire. Lines are drawn and crossed. With a CI who is not very stable. We see a lot of chaos with in Ruzack as he struggles with doing what is right and trying to not go overboard given the intense glass the police departments are under right now. If you pay close attention the ending is foreshadowed and is still a gut punch at the end.

NBC did not have any previews for the next week so As far as I know no new eps. Will check back next week and find out when new ones will air.


PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, '21, 1:37 pm 
After nearly two weeks of no new eps it is time for The Recap:

MED: Choi brought on a new doctor, Archer, to help him run things after the previous ep's chaos. A doc with a deep past with Choi who may do more harm than good. Maggie and her husband have to make a difficult decision on the fate of Auggie. With a powerful revaluation of Maggie's own past. Dr Manning has to face a health crisis close to home which Will nearly complicates things. Last the fate of Dr Charles daughter (who was suppose to move to "arafreekingzonia") is decided in a pure dramatic way. Very good ep with a few twists and turns.

FIRE: Brett and her new BF take off. With Casey dealing with deep jealousy and still dealing with issues from his ex-wife (Gabby). Severide had to deal with a fire at the house he grew up and helping a young man who blames himself for his mother's condition. Cruz is trying to find out new products to expand on after the success of "The Slammer". A fun ep that does little to prepare you for the drama that is coming next.

PD: The story starts off in dramatic fashion with a old cop shooting an unarmed black man. Which sets the stage for an epic arrest with Ruzack and Atwater. An ambush and riots make returning the old cop to the police difficult as all three are being hunted. The ending is dramatic with use of classic TV Tropes. Not to mention the excessive use of "lead salad". However the ep also touches on the current climate of police. Powerful ep that is almost a bottle ep.

A note on the PD season: It seems the show is taking a head on view when it comes to the police issues. Instead of ignoring and pretending it doesn't happen. The show takes a direct view and we tend to see things though Atwater's eyes. This ep is a clear case of it while still keeping the hard edge the show is very much known for.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '21, 1:04 pm 
It is time for the recap:

MED: Archer is already causing drama in the ER! First he gets upset with Manning and Crockett over a woman who is clearly having gallbladder issues and refuses to take proper action. Then he gets in the middle of a case with Dr. Choi. To add fire he even informs Choi of the affair Manning and Crockett are having. Dr. Charles is dealing with a woman who is unstable and seems to have latched on to him. While Maggy helps a woman out who almost wanted to give up her child. At the same time building up on the stuff revealed in the previous episode. Pretty tame over all.

FIRE: At the start of the ep Casey goes for a wild ride and nails is head pretty good. Though out the entire ep you can see it starting to have some lasting effects. Compounded from a previous head injury. Brett's partner has to make a major decision on leaving for another squad. While Mouch does some testing/training and decides to be a show off for the younger group. The ep also saw the return of one of the most annoying paramedics alive to the point I wanted to scream at the TV. Looks like they are setting up some fun drama for future episodes. One last thing: their are two very troubling "cringe" moments. Not out of the usual gore factor for the show. But it gets your attention.

PD: A rookie is put on Voight and he has to prove himself. With the death of a well known shop keeper the team has to look into what is going on and who is running the show. The Rookie is put into a spot undercover and has to make some key decisions if he wants to make it out of this one alive. The focus of this ep was on the new player with the team mainly in the background. However it was not a bad episode at all and pretty enjoyable.

No promos for next week so I suspect we are in repeats again. If FBI and FBI: Most Wanted get renewed for new seasons. I might start adding them into the thread since they are part of the Wolfverse.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 1, '21, 2:48 pm 
We are back today with an impressive recap!

Med: The main case deals with a woman in her 50's acting as a surrogate for her daughter's child while suffering from some major heart issues. Choi and Halstead clash over treatments and looks like could be caught in a love triangle. A veteran who is suffering from some strange PTSD. Along with a older man and the case of the missing bullet. In this case we learn more about Crockett and find out the man from New Orleans has more secrets. Over all a good episode and the look on Goodwin's face is priceless.

Fire: More fall out from the previous issues with Casey as he keeps struggling with complications from a head injury. While Mouch tries out for a bagpipe core with one of the most funniest scenes ever on Fire. The main story deals with a bad batch of laundry soap that is causing places to go up in flames.

PD: This one is a wild ride as Ruzack's father is kidnapped over a gambling debt and a cartel wanting to find out who is giving the police information. The ep has a lot of twists and turns along with an ending that leaves one officer with a door in her face. Lot of drama in typical PD style.

Over all some good stuff this week. Next week has new shows. Tonight has the return of Det Stabler to the Wolfverse. I *might* do a bonus review but we will see.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 2, '21, 2:02 pm 
Bonus Recap (fair warning this will contain spoilers)!!!!

SVU/OC crossover event: The ep starts right in the middle of things on SVU with Benson being delayed in going to an awards dinner due to a crime. She pulls up to the scene of a car bombing. It becomes apparent that the vic is none other than Kathy Stabler. The wife of former NYPD Det Elliot Stabler. For the first time in over eleven years the two are reunited. But it is a very rough road and a lot of things have to be talk about. Stabler himself is now working for an international task force and was in town from Rome. The ending of the first half leaves everyone in tears as the bombing now sets Stabler on a path of revenge. The Organized Crime (OC) EP sets up where things left off. Stabler is now hunting for the people who murdered his wife. In the meantime the NYPD sets up a separate task force with Stabler in the mix. A few raids later and we now have the lead baddie of the ep. This ep mainly serves as a major set up for the rest of the season. But over all an intense ride. Good to see Stabler back. But not under the best of reasons.

A few notes: Wow. Gut punch city. Even when you see it coming. The pacing of the SVU ep is a bit faster than normal. The OC portion looks like it will be a bit less "crime of the week" and more like the entire season focused on one specific target. Kind of like previous shows such as Murder One. A wild ride that leaves a lot of room to move around in.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 8, '21, 12:25 pm 
It is time for the recap!

Med: The story starts off with a tennis star who has some strange heart issues. Choi must enlist the aid of a fellow doctor to figure things out. Manning and Crockett are trying to help a woman who has a lot of health issues and very few answers. While Halstead and Dr Charles try to figure out what is going on with a man who can see his deceased wife. Some great stories and some tender moments. More so as we start to learn more about Crockett and his past.

Fire: The main story focused on a deli owner who seems to be way too accident prone. More than a few twists and turns as it turns out this was not an accident. Severide must content with a trainee who is not up to being a fire fighter. Some amusing moments with Ritter as he reconnects with an old boyfriend. Pretty decent episode.

PD: Upton is the focus of this story as she contends with a kidnapped family and a girl who's life is on the line. We learn more about her troubled past and her difficulty with relationships. The case is pretty straight forward with a conclusion that is rewarding.

NBC didn't offer up any promos for next week so I suspect no new shows. We shall see.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, '21, 2:30 pm 
Sit back. Relax. It time for the recap!

MED: This one had several stories playing out as usual. Choi and Archer had to deal with an accident at a home renovation. While being caught in the crossfire and Archer having a major PTSD episode. Fire's Cruse and Brett cross over for this. Dr Charles is contending with an obsessed patient while dealing with issues relating to his own daughter. Manning on the other hand is once again following this season's trend of doctors trying to get fired. While Sextant looks into making a major change in her life. Great ep and some fun story lines unfolding.

FIRE: The main story focused on Herman trying to help an ex-con become a firefighter after a dramatic save. Casey goes though the process of figuring out what is going on with his head after events of previous eps. Brett has to content with relationship issues. The endings of these arch provide some much needed positive notes. Along with Boden getting chewed out by a Nun. Oh warning: One of the rescues is a bit on the gory side. Not anything worse. But does catch you off guard.

PD: The police world is changing and Voight has to decide if he's going to be the old dog or try and change with it. The case unfolds though his eyes as they race to stop a serial killer who got out on a technicality. As the story winds though. Voight must come to terms with the fact that the police have to uphold the law while not going overboard with it. The ending is dramatic and shows just how much has to yet to change.

New eps are on May 5 as we head into the season enders. Thanks for reading.

PostPosted: Thu May 6, '21, 1:42 pm 
Time to recap:

MED: This one was a doozy. Lot of stories playing out. With some fun setup for the season end. The ep started with Goodwin involved in a nasty accident where she hit a child early in the morning and her efforts to try and help the kid and family involved. Halstead spent the ep looking for the missing trial drugs that were taken by Manning. Maggy got to meet her daughter for the first time since she gave her up for adoption. While Sextant is slowly deciding her fate as a nurse. Good ep so far with a lot of twists.

Fire: This was a wild ride. The main story focused on Kidd as she tried to help one of her "girls on fire" members. With Boden and Serveride trying to help locate girl and save her before the gangs cause harm. Mrs Boden showed the challenges of distance learning with her students using Ritter and Gallows as helpers. Cruze got to learn more about being a father. While the end of the ep dropped a bombshell on Casey.

PD: The main story focused on a case of young girls who were having their babies stolen and sold on the black market. A troubling story with a lot of twists and turns. Many elements at play. The other main focus was on Burgess as she tried to figure out who will be a back up in case something happens to her. The young girl from earlier in the season could very well become her daughter. A true heart warming story with Ruzack stepping up.

New Eps next week as we start the final push to end the seasons. Thanks for reading.

PostPosted: Thu May 13, '21, 12:41 pm 
The Recap:

Med: The main story focused on Archer and Dr Charles dealing with a sick man who thinks the world is just a computer simulation. With Archer taking some extremely questionable "win-at-all-costs" level of actions. Maggy was trying to help her daughter (The daughter doesn't known the truth). While once again the theme of this season "Doctors putting their jobs on the line" is coming to a head with Halstead confronting Manning over the pills she swiped from a few previous eps.

Fire: Kidd takes the biggest test of her life. A fire at a petfood company takes a strange turn that has Casey and Severide on the hunt for someone who is doing illegal dumping. While Gallos and Ritter content with annual rummage sale and accidentally selling Brett's "Veronicat". The end of the ep could bring about a few changes to the fire house down the road with Kidd passing her major test.

PD: Upton is the focus of this episode as the team is trying to track down a group who is doing some major home invasions. While at the same time trying to figure out her relationship with (Jay) Halstead. Some fun twists and turns with a very dramatic ending.

So we don't have too many eps left before the season enders. Next week is a new slate of eps. See you next time.

PostPosted: Thu May 20, '21, 1:26 pm 
Well it's Thurs morning which means: REcap time!

Med: Archer and Choi deal with a reluctant cancer patient with Archer telling a very convincing story. The obsessed woman that has been following Dr Charles takes a crazy turn with a surprising ending. Manning and Halstead are starting to deal with the fall out from Manning's choices. While Sextant mulls her own future. Over all a great ep with more than few turns.

Fire: Bret/Casey has a few twists to it. As Casey finally admits his own feelings. Gallos and Ritter work on putting something together for Mouch. A major fire at a bakery leads to a profound moment of love for Severide and Kidd. Fun ep with some major setups for next week. (more on that later).

PD: It starts off with a drinks with the Dept Police Commissioner, her kid, and Voight. Which turns quickly into a low level drug dealing investigation. The story takes a dark turn with The commish kid being kidnapped and later murdered. However things get worse for the unit as it turns out the drug dealers were also dealing with sex trafficking and going scorched earth to cover their backs. A very disturbing turn of events leads to a dramatic cliff hanger with one officer who might not make it out alive!

Next week are the Season enders! Looks like some major changes coming to all three shows. See ya then!

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