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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, '20, 2:50 pm 
So a new season in the age of covid starts tonight. I am going to watch the eps and see how well the stories are. If they hold my interest we will do the recaps.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, '20, 4:33 pm 
The new Season kicked off and it was a set of powerful eps. Lets dive in!

Med: The new season kicks off with Med on a state of lock down. People working from home. Doctors in hazmat suits. Covid was front and center. You can feel the hopeless nature of things as the doctors make a lot of decisions. I can't say the ep was a downer. But echoing the collective sense of frustration everyone has. Though the moments with Crockett were also a saving grace. The end of the ep was heart breaking as the gravity of the crisis comes full steam.

Fire: This was a good episode that brought a lot of things together. While Covid was in the background it wasn't the primary focus. Some high drama with the paramedics and a dangerous fire rescue. Fire always has a funny story in the mix and this one was a treasure hunt for Molly's that backfired on Herman big time. Make sure you watch the last two mins of the ep. It ends on a over the bridge hanger.

PD: Police brutality and how they conduct business brings PD front and center. Voight will have to change his ways if he wants to keep his job. That was made very clear as the undertone of this ep. The focus though was keeping up with the story from Atwater. Which was already intense to begin with. Putting a strong light on to the "Blue Wall of Silence" when it comes to the issue of police. It is disturbing and eye opening on how things shake up. While not as dramatic as the end of Fire. PD has it's own "don't miss the last two mins" moment.

It was good to see the shows on again. Hard to watch because their is no escape from covid. Over all powerful shows that are not afraid to take on the issues we are being confronted with. A note. The cast of each show looked like they really wanted to be on set. Even with the drama of the stories. You could see in their eyes on how much they missed working. Despite the risks of the world right now.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, '20, 11:13 pm 
Thanks for the recaps,Rylen!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, '20, 2:55 pm 
The recap:

Med: The main focus of this ep was on Dr. Charles and the conflict with his ex wife. Also diving further into the life of Crockett which mixed results. Dr. Choi is promoted chief of the ER and Halstead takes it a bit personal. One of the saddest stories related to Covid takes place and highlights the sorrow many of us are feeling right now. A roller coaster of a ride and the only time I've ever seen the show come close to swearing with "Arifreakingzona".

Fire: The ep starts off with seconds after the conclusion of the previous ep. Brett and her partner are OK. But looks like things between Brett and Casey take a fun twist and lead to a heart breaking ending at of the EP. The back stories also feature a dramatic save and the efforts of Kidd trying to help one of her recruits.

PD: This one was a wild ride. The Atwater story heats up as the team tries to figure out what went down with a drug deal. Conflict with Voight's boss also gets attention as the police try to make some kind of sense of the new normal. However the ending of the ep is pure PD style and points out the show is not afraid to get dirty with things.

So two good weeks! Sadly though that will be all until Jan 6th! Thanks for reading! See ya then!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 7, '21, 12:28 pm 
I am suppose to be writing a review this morning. However due to the chaos of the day. The shows were not aired. Here is hoping next week is better.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, '21, 1:23 pm 
It is time for the recap!

Med: Halstead has this obsession with trying to destroy his career by testing out an experimental drug against the families wishes. However the story's conclusion was a pretty good one so far. Drama was still present in the ER with a young women and the revelation that she is a child that was abducted when she was a kid. Very power story that left me in tears at the end. The other main story was as a focus on Crockett and Dr Manning. Could a love pair be developing? Hard to tell. Over all a grand ep.

Fire: An issue with the truck and Mouch almost costs Casey his life. Kelly has to content with the fact that everyone in the higher command thinks he's the reason why Kidd is advancing. Lot of back and forth drama. Also of note their is a scene with a woman who has a nasal encounter with a drone. Don't watch on a full stomach. The ep pretty much keeps the are they/arn't they of Casey and Brett in a state of limbo. Loved how this ep played out.

PD: This was a good ep. Focused on a family that got wiped out and a 6yrd who was the only survivor. Also put Burgess in the spotlight as the young girl latched on to her. The outcome was rewarding and a lot of tender moments. Oh and the ep is worth checking out to see Richard Brooks play a new charterer in the WolfVerse.

That is all for now. New eps air on Jan 27th.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, '21, 1:25 pm 
The recap:

Med: Lot of tension with Choi as the ED. His strict style makes for a rough time for the staff. Crockett makes a dangerous gamble with a cancer patient which upsets a lot of people. Manning gets involved and for a moment it seems like they almost got fired. Halstead is working on a drug trial but having very little luck in finding people to take part in it. The ending was decent with Crockett and Manning spending some "alone time" to close out the ep.

Fire: The center story focused on Boden and Kelly trying to find out the identity of a man they found in an abandoned house. Casey and Brett are starting to move on after Brett ended any chance of a relationship. Kelly and Kidd's relationship is on the rocks as well. Mouch gets into this rather hilarious game of one up with a fire fighter from another house. Never knew you could drop donuts from a helicopter before.

PD: Back in the old days. Law & Order would throw a curve ball in the middle of the story that changes the direction. The infamous "L&O twist". This ep has a lot of that. Start off with a cop getting shot and appearing to be dirty. But the reality is far more heroic. Also looks at the effects of police who over step their bounds and what kind of reactions that can happen from it. Over all a great episode.

A few extra notes: Med has been rather depressing in its coverage of the covid stuff. To be honest it's been kind of hard to watch. PD has taken on the issues of police over reach and has decided to take a path that on one hand, takes away some of the edge of PD, at the same time they have opened up the doors into turning out some compelling drama. Which is a good thing.

New Shows next week so stay tuned.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 4, '21, 12:49 pm 
It is time for the recap:

Med: This season has seem to focus on doctors nearly destroying their careers. However in this case it did in fact happen. The main story sees the return of Sextant's brother Noah and a case involving a legendary doctor who killed his wife and tried to kill himself. Noah's lead to the doctor taking his own life and Choi firing Noah instead of turning him over to the police. Maggy has a breakdown as the stress of Auggie catches up to her. While Manning and Crockett cool down rapidly. With one last twist. Dr Charles daughter makes an appearance with an issue coming up that could impact plans for the future.

Fire: Bottle Episodes are often self contained to a single room or setting. It happens in almost all TV shows at some point. Fire threw in one that was extremely terrifying. The team gets called out to a fire in a high rise building. Herman, Cruz, and two others decide to take a freight elevator. All heck breaks lose when the cables snap sending everyone falling. Being stuck in a box with no radio communications the group has to listen to broken chatter that things are not going well. Most of the entire ep focuses on Herman and Cruz. You are seeing events unfold from their eyes. With a lot of unknowns on if they will survive this. The ending is pure gold. If you haven't watched an ep yet. This is one to watch since it's not like a typical Fire ep.

PD: The main story focused on a group of young teens beating the crud out of various "johns" So they can steal their money. The ring leader gets caught after one of the group is beaten with in an inch of her life. The story does not have a full conclusion which is a surprise. Burgess meanwhile has to make a life altering decision. The 6yrd from the Jan 14th makes a return and is not in a good place. Over all a decent ep with a good outcome.

That's all for now. Though that Fire ep left a lasting impression with me.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, '21, 12:34 pm 
The Recap!

Med: This was a pretty decent ep. Choi keeps pushing on as head of the department while looking like two steps way from a crash. He gets into some major conflicts with Halstead. Maggy and her husband face some difficult challenges with their foster kid Augie as he is in need of a liver transplant. Crockett shows his hidden compassion as we learn more about his daughter and her cancer battle. The previews show a nasty surprise in store for one of the docs. But given the way the ep was played out. This should not come as any kind of surprise.

Fire: Bret and her partner face a challenge over stolen meds. Also fair warning they show a rather gruesome injury mid way though. Gallo faces his own challenge as he disobeys one of Casey's orders. While Kidd must face some decisions on her own while Severide tries to save his relationship. The Ep is much more lighter in tone vs last week's intense episode.

PD: What started off as a drug bust turns into a murder mystery as father is trying to find out who killed his son. A botched police investigation leads to the suspect and a small twist that forces Halstead to make a very difficult choice. The ending shows not only the choice but Voight watching from the shadows.

Good set of eps and looking forward to next week.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, '21, 12:43 am 
Thanks for the recaps Rylen!

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