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PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, '21, 2:16 pm 
Time to recap! Let's get started!

MED: Dr Scott's case focused on a young girl who is very clumsy and the father is someone he arrested when he was still a cop. Dr Hammer had to content with her mom and the tragic and dramatic stories of her life. While Crockett makes some decisions on his own future when it comes to which path he will take. Halstead is still working for Goodwin in trying to uncover a kickback plot. Over all a great ep with some fun directions.

FIRE: This ep was kind of a bottle neck. The main story was focused on the entire 911 center going down due to a ransomware attack and all the 911 calls being directed though Station 51. Severide and his helper work to uncover who burned down the Catholic church in the previous ep. I have a note about some Catholic related stuff at the end of this recap. Looks like this story will be drawn out for a few eps and looking forward to see where they take things.

PD: Ruzack was the main focus of this ep as the team tries to stop a smack and grab gang. While during the course of the investigation some of the evidence goes missing. A nice little "Law & Order" twist near the end changes the entire direction of the ep and puts the cross hairs directly on one of the cops helping the case.

During the FIRE ep the issue of confession comes up. A minor debate came up on the priest breaking that. This part of the EP was treated surprisingly well and was pretty accurate. Confession is a very important part of being Catholic and for a priest to break that seal the penalties for doing that are extreme. Rather amazed they treated things with a bit more respect than normal.

That's all for this recap I believe the shows are new next week so we shall see you then.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 4, '21, 1:24 pm 
Time to dive in to the recap!

MED: Crockett is still learning the ropes to transplants. Maggie's daughter is fighting for a patient who on the surface looks like she's having a mental health crisis but in reality is dealing with something far more major. Halstead is still checking out the issues with the Vaskcom while the one doctor who he was investigating seems to have a major heart attack. But I have saved the best for last. The return of Dr Choi! Not seen since the season ender. Still recovering from getting shot and still has bit to go. The last bit in the ep saw a major fight between Hammer and her mom. Great ep with a few twists.

FIRE: This ep wraps up the story started a few eps previous on the church arson. Finding out who was involved and with a massive debate on the topic of liberal progressive Catholics vs more conservation ones. We also got our first new Lt who is taking over for Casey. Lot of questions were raised about why he moves from station to station (calling him a floater). He managed to go up against Gallo rather heatedly. The ep ends on a rather explosive note. Great as always and the set up for next week seems intense.

PD: Voight is the center of this ep which shows him drawn into the middle of a gang conflict. An informant who has her reasons for doing this. A few twists and turns with a decent ending to the story. However the main draw to this story is the increasing conflicts with Halstead. Things have not settled down and reach a dramatic fire storm. Not looking good for all involved. This has been a fun ride and we could see a major shake up of the team over all.

That is all for this recap. If you would like more info on some of the "Catholic Conflicts" I've noted just drop me a DM. If I get enough requests I might make a blog entry on it.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, '21, 1:54 pm 
My fav time in the morning. Recap!

MED: The main story had a focus on an old cop who knows Dr Scott who has some major mental health issues. Halstead keeps pushing for more information on medical kickback while the stress is doing Goodwin no favors. Dr Choi is back to action but a decision in the ER will put his return on a pause. Over all a good solid ep.

FIRE: The new Lt is making waves again and is in a constant clash with Gallo. The paramedics deal with one of their own going down. While we learn much more about the back story of this new LT and why he's been a floater for most of his time. Lot of dramatic action one lingering question: Where is Kidd? Is she coming back? Lot of questions but no answers.

PD: Halstead has to make some major choices as the FBI is trying to find out what happened from events in the season ender. The agent has an agenda and Upton, Halstead, and Voight are all in the cross hairs. The ep is a roller coaster as the team also deals with the death of a parent and the suspect is one of the young children.

That is it for this recap. The Fall Finally happens in Dec so no new eps till then.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, '21, 9:45 pm 
I have been able to catch some of the Chicago PD episodes on the ION Channel. One day a week they show various shows all day long. Chicago PD is being shown on one day. I think it is Thursday. Not sure what season they are showing now, but I did see a few episodes. It looks like an interesting show.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, '21, 6:53 pm 
Chicago Fire is on Tues and PD is on Thurs. They run the eps in order and will cover everything till the current Season which on the networks.

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