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PostPosted: Thu May 27, '21, 12:31 pm 
This is it! The ends of the season! Lets dive in and unpack it all! Recap Time!

MED: The wild ride and build up comes to a complete head as Dr Choi is fighting for his life! He gets shot early on in the ep and conflict develops between Halstead and Archer over how best to treat him. Halstead gets fired over events of the previous season. While Manning's mom gets a new heart. Maggy faces a personal issue over the daughter she gave up when she was a child. The ending doesn't leave few threads. Given that we know both Sextant and Manning won't be back next season. A soft season ender.

FIRE: Changes could be coming. Boden needs to decide if he will stay with 51 or go higher up the chain of command. Brett and Casey need to decide if they will be together. While nothing too crazy happens in this ep. Some intense feelings get played out with a very dramatic bedroom scene. However what will leave fans up in arms is the fate of squad 3 (Severide's team) as they are trapped under a boat with no air. We have no idea if any of them will make it out alive.

PD: Kim's fate is the focus of the ep. She got grabbed at the end of the previous ep and the wild ride keeps going. Even to the point where she gets shot early on. The ep puts a heavy focus on doing things the "old way vs the new way". Which causes a lot of conflict with in the team. Ruzack and Atwater get into a knock down, drag out fight mid way though the ep. The ending pushes Voight to the limits and him and Upton get caught up into a major problem. That is resolved though fate, bad luck, and classic Voight setting dead body on fire ala darth vader. Kim's fate is still left in the air as the ep ends.

Over all a good set of eps. Next post will be my thoughts on the overall season. -

PostPosted: Thu May 27, '21, 11:38 pm 
As promised a few thoughts on the over all reach of the season. Going to go in reverse order.

PD: The show is on at a time when the police are under a microscope. More so given this show's nature to be dark and gritty. Voight is known to bend the rules. The show for the most part stayed the course. Showing the various internal conflicts between officers and the brass. The end of the season kind of took a more sinister direction. Showing a more classic Voight. For the most part I enjoyed the season. But having Burgess get the snot beat out of her in one of the most violent attacks I've seen really bugged me. Even more so after seeing her get shot early in last night's ep. I hope the show can even things out a bit more. This season left a lot of questions.

Fire: OK. Let me get this out. The last few seasons have always ended with the fire fighters in some kind of danger and someone getting axed at the start. Happened a few seasons ago with Otis that was pretty dramatic. So the question is which of four is leaving the show? The push for more racial inclusion came forward and took care of things in a very positive way. The Kidd/Severide and Brett/Casey connections were always in the front but didn't distract from the over all season. I think of the three shows this one had the more solid focus with a lot of room to grow next year. Can't wait to see what they will so for next season.

Med: This was the season where almost every doc pulled some kind of stunt that could have gotten them fired. The fact that at least two docs did get fired (Sextant's brother, and Manning) was a surprise considering how many of them risked it though out the entire year. The first half of the show was hard to watch because of the covid stuff. They put a really strong focus on it and it was hard to escape from. I found the overall stories pretty good. It will be fun to see if Archer stays on. Over all I don't like the character. But he's by no means the first back stabber in the ER. I think out of the three shows this one had the weakest season so far. But by no means bad one.

That is it for this recap. So looks like Wolf verse will be on three nights next season across two networks. CBS will have FBI, Most Wanted, International. NBC will have One Chicago (Med, Fire PD), and three L&O: SVU, For the Defense, and Organized Crime. Could be a fun time. -

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, '21, 6:40 pm 
I noticed when I was checking out the new DVD's that were released this week that Season 9 of "Chicago Fire" and Season 6 of "Chicago Med" are being released this week in case anyone is interested.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '21, 1:56 pm 
The 8th season of Chicago PD was released on DVD this week on Tuesday (Sept. 07, 2021).

PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, '21, 1:51 pm 
The new seasons are starting soon I think. Which means for me another year of reviews! :D

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