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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, '21, 1:14 pm 
Speaking of Recaps let's dive in!

Med: This ep had a lot to unpack. Halstead had to figure out if one of the people in the clinical trial was having a reaction to the med or another issue. Charles was helping a well respected professor figure out why he was seeing someone who has been gone for a few years. Manning and Crockett were helping a man deal with a major cancer battle. In the middle of all of this Dr Choi goes down after coming back having his gall bladder removed earlier that morning. (Yes you read that right). Over all a great ep with a lot of twists and turns. Even a possible love triangle brewing.

Fire: A homeless camp gets set on fire and that leave Casey and Severide to try and figure out what is going on. The B story focuses on Brett and the Lt from the other fire company. Does have another cringe moment as a gave stone marker crushes a guy's arm. We also find out that Brett is extremely afraid of clowns. However the high point of the ep focuses on Ritter who helps one of the homeless get back on her feet. A touching moment that shows some hope in this crazy world.

PD: The ep puts Ruzack in the focus and he is caught in a major issue. Using one of his CI's to try and bring down a new drug empire. Lines are drawn and crossed. With a CI who is not very stable. We see a lot of chaos with in Ruzack as he struggles with doing what is right and trying to not go overboard given the intense glass the police departments are under right now. If you pay close attention the ending is foreshadowed and is still a gut punch at the end.

NBC did not have any previews for the next week so As far as I know no new eps. Will check back next week and find out when new ones will air.


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