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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, '20, 2:50 pm 
So a new season in the age of covid starts tonight. I am going to watch the eps and see how well the stories are. If they hold my interest we will do the recaps.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, '20, 4:33 pm 
The new Season kicked off and it was a set of powerful eps. Lets dive in!

Med: The new season kicks off with Med on a state of lock down. People working from home. Doctors in hazmat suits. Covid was front and center. You can feel the hopeless nature of things as the doctors make a lot of decisions. I can't say the ep was a downer. But echoing the collective sense of frustration everyone has. Though the moments with Crockett were also a saving grace. The end of the ep was heart breaking as the gravity of the crisis comes full steam.

Fire: This was a good episode that brought a lot of things together. While Covid was in the background it wasn't the primary focus. Some high drama with the paramedics and a dangerous fire rescue. Fire always has a funny story in the mix and this one was a treasure hunt for Molly's that backfired on Herman big time. Make sure you watch the last two mins of the ep. It ends on a over the bridge hanger.

PD: Police brutality and how they conduct business brings PD front and center. Voight will have to change his ways if he wants to keep his job. That was made very clear as the undertone of this ep. The focus though was keeping up with the story from Atwater. Which was already intense to begin with. Putting a strong light on to the "Blue Wall of Silence" when it comes to the issue of police. It is disturbing and eye opening on how things shake up. While not as dramatic as the end of Fire. PD has it's own "don't miss the last two mins" moment.

It was good to see the shows on again. Hard to watch because their is no escape from covid. Over all powerful shows that are not afraid to take on the issues we are being confronted with. A note. The cast of each show looked like they really wanted to be on set. Even with the drama of the stories. You could see in their eyes on how much they missed working. Despite the risks of the world right now.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, '20, 11:13 pm 
Thanks for the recaps,Rylen!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, '20, 2:55 pm 
The recap:

Med: The main focus of this ep was on Dr. Charles and the conflict with his ex wife. Also diving further into the life of Crockett which mixed results. Dr. Choi is promoted chief of the ER and Halstead takes it a bit personal. One of the saddest stories related to Covid takes place and highlights the sorrow many of us are feeling right now. A roller coaster of a ride and the only time I've ever seen the show come close to swearing with "Arifreakingzona".

Fire: The ep starts off with seconds after the conclusion of the previous ep. Brett and her partner are OK. But looks like things between Brett and Casey take a fun twist and lead to a heart breaking ending at of the EP. The back stories also feature a dramatic save and the efforts of Kidd trying to help one of her recruits.

PD: This one was a wild ride. The Atwater story heats up as the team tries to figure out what went down with a drug deal. Conflict with Voight's boss also gets attention as the police try to make some kind of sense of the new normal. However the ending of the ep is pure PD style and points out the show is not afraid to get dirty with things.

So two good weeks! Sadly though that will be all until Jan 6th! Thanks for reading! See ya then!

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