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PostPosted: Thu Mar 5, '20, 1:16 pm 
The recap:

Med: I have to catch the reply on NBC later. I missed about half of this ep due to a late dinner. But the core story was that Crockett and Manning got kidnapped by an escaped con and his brother. Charles had to deal with a woman who wasn't taking her meds. The big pay off is that they finished the Maggy Cancer arch.

Fire: So when is a murder mystery not a murder mystery? When a con man fakes his own death after stealing a lot of money. That is the core story for this ep and a strange one. The other stories focused on Boden and Kidd trying out a new fad diet with some rather angry results. Also we learned more ab out Brett's birth mom. Over all a good ep with some fun story movement. Though it seems that the Casey/Brett arch is on a very slow burn.

PD: Not nearly as dark as the previous eps. So a decent change of pace. The focus of the story was a group of armed robbers who took things too far. Halstead and Upton had to deal with a witness who is also being abused by one of the suspects. We learn more about Upton's back story in this ep and over all a good story with a decent ending.

I think the shows are repeats next week. Heading into that slow time again where new eps are going to be hit and miss for a few weeks leading up to the season enders.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 9, '20, 3:27 am 
Thanks for the recaps Rylen!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, '20, 11:32 am 
It is time for the recap!

Med: This was ep 100! And it had a lot to go with it. The story focused on three main cases. A woman who might be harming her daughter. A cop who has a major secret from his youth. Nurse Sextant having a major crisis of her own. The drama was rather intense for this show. Choi found out about the infamous kiss Crockett and Sextant had. That lead to a dramatic fistfight. Dr. Charles had to contend with the fact that as a father he is not always good. The ep ended on a very positive note as Maggy had her wedding in a bowling ally. (the way they did this was rather fun to see and you can tell by the actors expressions they were having legit fun).

Fire: The main story for this had to deal with a woman who is in a wheel chair who tried to save her son from a fire and how a pesky neighbor got DHS involved. A reminder that those who have a disability are not always treated fairly. The smaller stories showed Kidd trying to set up a new program and Herman nearly setting Station 51 on fire.

PD: The main case was about a gang shooting and the conflict with between Voight and the Homicide detective who wanted to work the case. That det's aggressive style nearly puts the entire case in trouble. Not much else in terms of other stories. However the ending, while not as upbeat as the other two shows, did have a massive "broken nose" style of haymaker on that det. A reminder that Voight is not to be messed with.

Shows are new next week. However I believe the seasons will be ending early due to the virus-that-shall-not-be-named.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, '20, 11:54 am 
The recap:

Med: A fun ride of sorts. With Manning and Crockett clashing over treatment of a terminally ill person. Halstead getting himself into trouble again. While Choi is super suspicious of the case he is working on. Their were a few tender moments as well. With it looking like Maggy and her new husband taking on a foster kid who has a chronic illness. Loved how this ep turned out.

Fire: Pretty straight forward ep. The main story sees a murder investigation after a fire that puts Severide in danger. Kidd is working on getting her new program off the ground. While Brett is helping her biological mother figure things out as she's expecting her second child. (even at her late age). However this story arch comes to unexpected ending that makes it feel like one major punch to the gut. While this wasn't one of the main characters it still shows that "no one is safe".

PD: Rojas is the focus of this ep as the team tries to take down a major drug king pin. The new det gets herself into the mix because of an on again/off again boyfriend who doesn't know she's a cop. It sets up a major wrench in the plans and in typical PD fashion things get sideways. However the secondary story of Upton's "win at all costs" is starting to bring out a dark edge that has Voight alarmed. To the point he's sending her to the FBI.

All the eps were good. Not sure when new eps will be aired. Will update this thread as I know more. But to be honest these three felt like soft season finales. But we shall see.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '20, 3:36 pm 
No new shows tonight. However I am presenting a bonus review.

FBI (S2 EP19): Valentine and his team has to find the killer of a young man who was caught in the middle of his roommate's drug stuff with Chicago's Latin Kings. With OA's partner on a deep undercover operation. His temporary partner is a Det from Chicago's infamous Intelligence Unit. Hailey Upton. (that's right). Her "win at all costs" view gets a bit tempered thanks to the rigid style of the FBI. The conclusion to the story is powerful and rewarding. While this is not a show I watch all the time. It is proving to hold it's own in the expansion of the Wolfverse.

So before anyone thinks this is a prank. What happened was at the end of the PD ep from last week. Upton gets sent to the FBI. What I didn't realize is that she was being sent to one of Wolf's other shows. It also makes it clear that FBI and FBI: Most Wanted are set in the same universe as Law & Order/One Chicago despite being on different networks.

That's all for now.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '20, 11:58 am 
Time for the recap!

MED: The stories were under tone with some tension between Choi and Crockett. Over a young boy who jumped off a bridge and a woman who was in an accident who might have witnessed it. Their was also a story about a mother with terminal cancer fighting to save the life of her unborn child. The ending of the ep sees Crockett on the business end of Choi's fist and the realization that him and Sextant cannot be together. Fun story with a lot of twists.

FIRE: It is the day before Cruz's wedding and things are gearing up at the station. That is until some angry citizens, upset about the closing of their local fire house, come in and chain themselves to the rigs to prevent 51 from using them. This was a bottle neck ep that had a lot of tension in a confined space. In the end we got to Cruz's say his "I do's".

PD: What started off as a kidnapping of a rich business man's daughter turns into something more complex the more the mystery is unraveled. This was the primary focus of the ep and not much else to write about. The ending was pretty good with a nice little twist in the end.

Next week are the end of season eps. So we shall see how this plays out given the shorten season.


PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, '20, 3:20 pm 
The Recap!

MED: This ep had some major drama and some revelations about Crockett. Things start off with detectives from New Orleans coming to investigate a cold case that has the doc's DNA all over it. Though out the course of the Ep, Manning does her best to try and prove the smooth doc is not some kind of smooth criminal. In the process we find out just why Crockett is so driven and adds more depth to his story so far. Choi also puts himself into a dangerous spot to save a young boy caught in the cross fire. Which in the end turns into a touching moment between him and his now ex girlfriend.

FIRE: The main arch deals with the fall out of a chlorine gas leak that causes a lot of issues when Capp (one of the minor fire fighters ) gets hurt and Severide takes it too personally. Given the way the ep played out their was some question as to what they were going to do. However sometimes even the craziest of stories needs a happy ending.

PD: This was a gut punch. The focus was Atwater and fall out from a previous ep that shows a known racist cop get his just deserts. With Atwater trying to decide on if he wants to reveal the truth at the cost of all he knows. We a rather profound moment with Voight as he shows just how loyal he is to his group.

The season ended early thanks to covid. So it is not really fair to consider these true season endings. As normal eps they set up some fun stuff for the rest of the season. Though it is unknown what direction the writers will take after that.

Thanks for following a long so far. We shall see you next season!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 7, '20, 4:34 am 
Just thought I would mention that I happened to see that some of these shows are being released on DVD in this month of August 2020.

Chicago Med - Season Five

Chicago Fire - Season Eight

These DVD's will be released on August 25th.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 8, '20, 8:44 pm 
Forgot to ask if anyone knows anything about the Chicago PD season dvd being released anytime soon, or those already released?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, '20, 8:39 pm 
Found an answer to the question I asked above about the Chicago PD being released on DVD. The season 7 of the Chicago PD is being released on dvd on September 8, 2020.

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