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PostPosted: Thu Nov 7, '19, 2:06 pm 
The recap:

Med: Med over all had some interesting stories playing out. Story A focused on a young man who thought he was a vampire. Story B focused on a military officer who was testing out a new bionic arm. With very "robocop" level of sci-fi. Story C was a heart breaker that tested the limits of one of the med students. They also advanced the Cancer arc. Showing some more of the Chemo treatments and Maggie meeting a new fellow. Some personal drama also played out with Crockett clearly being the New Orleans style charmer. Glad Choi didn't see his attempt. Over all a good ep.

Fire: The humor story was about Cruz's new fire fighting tool being copied. The end of that story delivered a rather funny pay off that was worth it. Story A however focused on a hostage issue that lead to a nasty conflict between a cop and Herman. Story B saw Serveride being transfered to Arson by the fire chief. Not sure how this will play out or if this is an indication of Serveride leaving the show. But I do get the hint this is the season arc that will be playing out.

PD: A wild ride on this ep. The main story was about killer drugs and informants. Very bloody an violent in some cases. Also a bit of "instant karma" in the fact that a drug dealer was taking out by his own poison laced drugs. The main focus of the ep was on Upton. Which helped to develop her character a bit more. While it looks like the main season arc is slowly starting to develop as a bit of a conflict between Voight and an informant from a ep or two back. Sill a wonderful ep.

That's all for now.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 8, '19, 11:15 pm 
Your last recap sounds very interesting, especially the " Med " segment with the vampire and the bionic arm. I may try to see if I can find some of these past episodes online somewhere and try to watch them.

Thanks for the recaps. They are interesting.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, '19, 9:37 pm 
The bionic arm segment was crazy. It honestly looked like something out of that RoboCop remake from a few years ago.

You can probably catch the eps on NBC's website.

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