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AW 1287

This year marked the decline of civilization on the now desert planet Motavia. Many centuries ago the planet, as well as the whole solar system was flourishing under the protection under the super computer known as Mother Brain. Three hundred years have passed since then, and the legend of Rolf Landale barely lives on today. This is my story.

It was a warm summer afternoon in the town of Piata. Since the great decline the town that once flourished so magnificently had now been reduced to a small farm town. Much of the old city had been destroyed to make space for the fields, only one house remained from Old Piata. "Cody, sweetheart, have you got everything packed?" A brunette woman said as she placed the last bit of the families belongings into a small box. Walking downstairs carrying a even larger box was the womans husband. "Yea yea Lindsey, this is the last of our stuff." He said. Placing the large box down he wiped the sweat from his forhead.

The two had lived in the building for the ten years they had been married. Many years had passed, so many memories of their home were about to be taken away from them in a instant. "I've come to a decision." Cody said to his wife. Walking out the door the two set the last remaining box on their cart. "I know I haven't been the best husband to you Lindsey. I know I wasn't able to give you everything you wanted. But I think we should do it." He said. She looked at her husband for a brief moment. "Oh Cody, this is the life I chose. When we got married our lives became as one. I have never regretted one moment of it." She said to her husband.

Walking over she placed her arms around his shoulders and placed her cheek against his. "We chose this road together, and I'm happy no matter what." She whispered in his ear. Knowing the comfort that only a married person could he turned and held his wife with love. "I'm sorry I was never able to give you a child Lindsey. But after we talked last night I thought long and hard about it." He said. Her eyes widened with joy from those words. She had longed for a child for many years, and now her dream was about to come true. "Theres one last building left in Paseo. Since we're going to be moving there anyways maybe we can stop by that place before we settle down." He said.

The two looked at their home one final time. Thinking about the memories they both shared for so many years. With those memories in their minds they looked on to the future and left Piata for a new life. Many days had passed since the two left their home. They had crossed the great sea, passing Uzo island they noticed a new town being constructed near the shore. "In a few days we'll be arriving in Paseo's port. Then we'll be able to start a new chapter in our lives." He told her. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders the two looked on to the sea, watching the sunset together. Paseo hadn't changed much since AW 1287. The town was still full of rangers ready to take on jobs for the greater good.

"Welcome to Paseo. All new residents are given a place to live in the eastern section of town." The attendant said. The woman handed Lindsey the key to their new home and bowed as the two left the governers office. "This is such a nice town." Lindsey thought to herself. Glancing over at her husband who was crushed under many of the boxes. "Cody! Are you ok!" She yelled out. Running to him she helped him from underneath the boxes. The two looked at each other for a brief moment and begun to laugh. A week had passed since then. The two had finally moved into their new home and were ready to begin a new life in Paseo. Cody had begun training at the Ranger Academy and Lindsey began work at the item shop down the street from their home.

"Welcome home sweetheart. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." Lindsey said as she was chopping some carrots. Placing his training sword in the corner the tired Cody sat down in his chair. "Its a bit tougher than I thought. But everything seems to be going alright." He told his wife. The truth was Cody was barely passing in the Ranger Academy. Not wanting to let his wife worry about him he always came home with a smile on his face. "I went to the doctor this week." Lindsey said as she handed her husband his plate. Sitting down in the chair next to him he glanced over at her with carrot in mouth. Swollowing his food quickly he looked at her with questionable eyes. "What did they have to say?" He asked.

That afternoon seemed to have never ended for the two. Lindsey told the story of her adventure to the doctors office. "Are you sure theres nothing you can do?" Lindsey asked the nurse at the counter. Flipping through her notes she came upon one important document. "Well.. There is one last blood sample left. The name of the person is unknown but from our records he was a astounding young man. This sample is over 300 years old though. Are you sure you want this?" The nurse asked. Long ago cloning had been outlawed by a act given by the governor of Paseo. Many of the plants were destroyed during the great collapse but only a few samples remained. Now the dna would be mixed with the person recieving it, and a new way of birth was created.

"And thats it Cody. I signed the forms and they did all the procedures. Honey.. I'm pregnant." She said. Falling out of his chair he looked at his wife with happiness. Time went on. Cody worked hard to pass the Academy and finally became a rank 10 agent. Lindseys stomach may have become large but she continued to her daily life working at the item shop and tending to her husband at home. Nine months had passed since the two learned they would be having a child. The days were long, not knowing when the child would arrive was a task in itself. Then.......

"Honey hold on! We're almost at the hospital." Cody told his wife. He held her hand tightly as the two were carried to the hospital in town. Cody watched on as his wife was carried into a room. As much as he wanted he was not permitted into the room. All he could do is wait. For hours he paced around, worrying if his wife and his unborn child were alright. Many hours had passed indeed, it was not until late in the night a nurse would come to him and say. "Would you like to see your baby boy?" Following the nurse Cody was allowed into the room where his wife held his newborn child. "He's so precious." Lindsey whispered. She brushed his light blue hair with her finger. Kneeling down next to his wife he looked at his precious baby boy and smiled.

"So.. Have you thought of a name yet?" She asked her husband. Handing Cody their child he looked down at him. The boy sleeping peacefully in his fathers arms. "Yea.. I've been thinking of a name for awhile now." He said. Nodding her head she gave the ok for him to give their child the name. The two looked at their child for awhile. A long pause came before the name was given. Brushing his finger across his sons hair Cody smiled and said...

Welcome to the world..

My son..

Leon Ashley

The End
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