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PostPosted: Wed May 7, '14, 11:51 pm 
This AMV is different from previous Devil May Cry AMVs I've done. It's more of a tear jerker focusing on the character Elena Huston from episode 6:Rock Queen, which is one of my favorite episodes, and partially on her relationship with the character Tim, who's from this same episode. The song is "Something I Can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails. One of the best songs on "Pretty Hate Machine", along with "Down In It" and "SIN". And it's a great example of why Trent Reznor is a genius and how he's able to capture the kind of emotion he does with songs like this. It's one of the most moving songs he's ever written or recorded, and one that I can really relate to.

PostPosted: Thu May 8, '14, 12:31 pm 
Congratulations on your great AMV ! Keep up the good work :) :clap:

PostPosted: Thu May 8, '14, 2:04 pm 

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PostPosted: Thu May 8, '14, 8:32 pm 
And the music from Nine Inch Nails is great too ! Very nice work ! :) I've never watched any Devil May Cry ├ępisodes but maybe one day ! Do you like this serie, MrKite ? (I'm sure of it ! ;) )

PostPosted: Fri May 9, '14, 12:12 am 
Yes I do actually very much. Plus Luci Christian (one of my favorite voice actresses) plays Trish in it. And the episode this video focuses on is one of my favorites of the show. And I never even played any of the games. And thank you once again. I've made other DMC videos with Nine Inch Nails songs that you can see here: ... B0WeDIz_vb

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