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PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 10:46 am
Silence is Beautiful
part one
Mieu shouldn’t feel like this.

There was only reason as to why Mieu was so quiet.

The cyborg was in love.

She didn’t dwell upon it however, it was wrong to love a human. Correction, it was wrong for a cyborg to love.

Ever since she had first met Rhys by that lake, she was attracted as to how he cared for her and how he listened to her. He was the first of many to do so, because a cyborg didn’t count as a person. A cyborg was all metal and no heart.
Mieu begged to differ.

She was created with emotions; she could laugh when Lena made a joke towards Lyle wearing long capes, she could feel Wren’s annoyance that he didn’t have any emotion whatsoever.

She could also feel a smile creep across her lips when Rhys talked to her.
And in the pit of her stomach, the nauseating feeling of love bloomed.
Stop it Mieu, she had scolded herself on several occasions. He loves Maia, not you! Who would ever love a cyborg?

Rhys and herself had enjoyed the days they spent learning more of the world they lived in. They had heart to heart talks where Mieu talked of how she would love to be human, so she could be accepted by some people. Rhys talked of how he wished he could see Maia again.

It broke her heart every time he mentioned that he wanted her back. You should want me! I am always here for you! She wanted to scream, but she did not.

It wasn’t her place.

Then Wren came, and the heart to hearts stopped, with more light hearted humour and normal conversations.

She missed the emotion from Rhys as he tried to understand how Wren worked; with no emotion. And with no emotion Wren missed out on a lot. You could tell even through Wren’s icy exterior that he wanted to feel, and he had made a point that he would have loved to have been one of those cyborgs with emotion.

“Like me?” Mieu asked.

There was a pause as Wren thought over his words as a response. “No, I do not think that I would have made a good woman.”

Wren’s dead-pan answers made Mieu and Rhys laugh, even though Wren himself could not see what was so funny in his responses.

Next Lyle came, and he was a kind person too, but nothing compared to her prince. He enjoyed talking to the cyborgs too, for he understood them. She liked how he was concerned for everyone, and how much he cared. He wasn't like the Layans who she had been told were bad, and whom she had been forced to fight against such a long time ago.

Then Lena became a part of the group and Mieu saw right through her. She grew jealous of every moment that Rhys and Lena spoke to one another.

Every moment that Lena looked at him, it was with feelings of love.

Every moment that Mieu shouldn't have been jealous.

Mieu was sat on a chair, facing where Rhys, Lena and Lyle slept inside the Rysel Inn. Wren had gone to stock up on medical supplies and so she was alone. Tomorrow was the day where the group would travel across the waters to Cille, and when Rhys would marry the one who he loved-

Stop it Mieu, stop it!

Mieu was making herself upset. She felt sadness wash over her as a cyborg couldn’t cry, but she knew that she would if she was human. She watched her Prince sleep in an attempt to calm herself, even when she looked at him she began to feel at ease, but with that feeling inside of her which made her feel sick.

That feeling of love.

He slept soundly facing the ceiling; with his armour still on. It was still fairly cold in Aquatica, even with the weather back to normal. He slept stiffly, most likely because he was taught how to stand, sit and present himself, the rules probably followed him into his sleep or he was probably scolded for not sitting straight up.
Mieu knew this, she studied his behaviour well.

What will become of me when Rhys is married? Mieu asked herself thoughtfully. I suppose I’ll just have to stand and protect the royal family. There is nothing more I can do to convince him I belong with him, so I’ll just have to stand there and watch him with the woman he loves as they wrap their arms around each other and-

Before she scolded herself, a smile appeared on Mieu’s face; an idea had suddenly sprung into her mind.

Mieu stood up, carefully making sure that she wouldn’t make a sound. She had to be light on her feet, for her boots could clack against the stone floor. Carefully, she tip toed over to where her Prince slept, still letting her eyes wonder over his face. He looked so peaceful, so serene.

It wouldn’t hurt, would it? Her mind asked herself. He won’t know Mieu. He won’t ever know. He’ll be too busy wrapped up with his loving wife-

“Stop it.” She hissed out loud.

She immediately covered her mouth with shock as she waited for someone to wake up. There was nothing, however. She removed her hand and looked to where her prince lay in front of her.

Mieu lent over him, brushing some of his cobalt blue hair from his face. She turned to the door, waiting for her moment to be spoiled, but it wasn’t.
Seizing her opportunity, she sinned.

She planted a short, sweet kiss on his lips.

She closed her eyes, being in complete bliss for a few seconds, which to her could have been a lifetime. Various statuses and symbols came to her mind, telling her that her 'pulse had quickened' but she chose to ignore them. She wanted to be human for a few seconds, and share a moment with the man she loved.

She pulled herself away from his lips, standing up fully, before she heard footsteps from the stairs. In blind panic, she retreated to her seat and looked to the door expectantly. Luckily her boots hadn’t made too much noise, and for that, she was happy.

The door opened slowly, with Wren looking to her and entering quietly. He shut the door and approached her, taking a seat next to her. He clutched a sack full of what seemed to be dimates, as she looked at the various outlines.

“Are you alright Mieu? You look startled.” He whispered in his monotone voice.
She looked up and noticed that he was looking at her; his expression showing nothing.

She nodded, “I am fine. I was just surprised you were back so fast.”
He didn’t reply, and nor did she continue the short conversation. In fact, that whole night there was complete silence between the two. Mieu, with her moment of bliss now over felt awful, so she resorted to hugging her knees.

She looked to Wren, and he looked to her. His face as always was emotionless.
Wren was all metal and no heart; sometimes she wished she could be like that too.
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