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PostPosted: Mon Nov 9, '15, 9:47 pm 
Well, now I heard on the news that there may be a shortage of Turkeys this Thanksgiving due to the bird flu earlier this year that affected so many birds, and has since caused egg prices to rise, etc., etc., etc. They are warning everyone to buy your Turkey early to be sure you get one.

Sometimes I wonder if this is more hype than fact. I mean, will there really be a shortage or are they just trying to get everyone to go out and buy more turkeys???

Well, no matter I have already gotten my Thanksgiving Turkeys in the freezer. Bought them a few weeks ago. Problem is we also love Turkey for Christmas dinner, so now I need to pick some up for that holiday too, if I can find them.

Anyone have any alternatives to Turkey for dinner, just in case?? What will you be having for Thanksgiving dinner? :turkey:

Edit: Something that just really ticked me off, lol. As soon as I posted this message and it took me back to the front page of the forum, there at the top of the forum was an advertisement with a picture of a Turkey. Yikes!! :lol:

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