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 Post subject: Taxes on food
PostPosted: Thu Feb 4, '10, 10:45 pm 
Phoenix has decided to put a 2% sales tax on food items: ... x0203.html

Many people are unhappy with taxing food items. It seems we're almost taxed to death sometimes. There is a tax on almost everything these days.

How do you feel about taxes on food items?

One of the comments at the bottom of this article has just a "few" things that many people are already paying taxes on listed in the form of a sort of poem. :D

 Post subject: Re: Taxes on food
PostPosted: Thu Feb 4, '10, 10:55 pm 
Taxing food I can actually disagree with. But the idea of taxes itself doesn't make me angry, seeing as how taxes pay for federal, state and local services like environmental protection, firefighters, police departments, homeland security, the army and countless others. One reason we're in such high debt is because Americans like these services but won't pay for them with taxes.

 Post subject: Re: Taxes on food
PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, '10, 3:37 am 
Up until a year or so back we had to pay the regular sales tax ammount on food. Then the state legislature passed a bill that reduced it down to a three-cent flat tax on all food items. And then two months later they passed yet another bill that made non-prepared foods tax exempt and pre-pared foods 3% tax ammount plus added a clause allowing local governments to add a food services tax onto prepared foods as they saw fit to do so. So if I eat at a fast food place that's not located within a town or city, it's 3% state tax on that. If I eat a mile from here in this one stupid town it's 9% tax, and if I eat in the city where I work it's 8% tax. Now virtually all municipalities in the state have a minimum 7% tax on prepared foods.

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