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 Post subject: Tax deadline delayed
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, '18, 3:51 am 
The deadline date for filing US taxes was supposedly today (Tuesday, April 17, 2018), however, due to problems the deadline has been extended by one day until Wednesday, April 18, 2018: ... s-irs.html ... 983ab4e59e

 Post subject: Re: Tax deadline delayed
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, '21, 6:40 pm 
The Tax deadline has been delayed again this year (2021). Taxes usually are due on April 15th each year but this year they have been delayed until May 17, 2021. ... line-delay

Also, something interesting that I found out while doing our own taxes. This past week Biden signed the new stimulus bill which includes $1400.00 stimulus checks for those who qualify, however, there was also a provision in the bill regarding unemployment that people may have received last year and a tax break on it: ... works.html

I read that some people who have filed their taxes before this tax break took place may have to file their taxes again or something.

While doing our own taxes, without the tax break we would have possibly had to pay in taxes, but with the tax break we may be due a refund.

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