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PostPosted: Wed Nov 7, '18, 6:07 pm 
Yesterday, voice actress Tara Strong, and her friend Rena Sofer were abused by an Uber driver who accused them of being racists just because of their rightful opposition of our messed up president, and when they told them to stop the car and let them out, he refused and began driving eratically:


I’d post a link to the actual video, but I don’t think Thoul would allow it since it contains profanity.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '18, 4:13 am 
I have never heard of Tara Strong, but if that is Rena Sofer the soap opera actress who is now on "The Bold And The Beautiful" soap opera then I know who she is.

Almost sounds like a case of attempted kidnapping if the person would not let them out of the vehicle when they wanted out.

The world can be a crazy place out there some times.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '18, 11:47 am 
Yes the world is often a crazy place, alas :(

PostPosted: Fri Nov 9, '18, 2:02 am 
This is when politics just has gone way too far. Someone holding a different political opinion from you definitely shouldn't leave to this kind of behavior, especially if you are offering a service through something like Uber. I hope this man got arrested for putting their lives in danger.

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