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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '08, 3:09 pm 
First reports of actual game play are making their way onto the web now. One thing I've read is that the game plays differently based on the character class you choose. If you choose to play as a CAST, for instance, you come across areas and bosses in a different order than as a Human.

It sounds kind of like PSIII, in terms of going to certain areas earlier or later depending on if you play as Ayn or Nial. Good idea or bad idea?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '08, 1:11 am 
I think it's a good idea to change it up to keep things fresh. I loved PSO but one of it's downfalls is when you would start another character you did the SAME thing you would've done with your high level character and after awhile it got boring seeing the same things in the same order. Although it was handy to help lower levels that way since I was able to easily memorize what happened but I digress.....different "story" for different characters keeps it interesting since you're seeing it from a different point of view.

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