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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, '11, 12:51 am
The Princess Seeks Peace

After many hours suffering from the huge pains caused by the continuous electric current electrocuting every nerve of her body, the princess' spirits were very low. She felt a strange numbness, her body was tingling. The evil entity resumed dragging the princess' body through the green plains. The princess was feeling so bad that she didn' t really know anymore what was happening to her. The pain she had to endure was too much for her and now the only thing she had in mind was to find a way to attain piece.

The evil entity was not happy, though. It knew that, though it had the complete control over the princess' body, the seal rules prevented it to use the girl to break it. The seal could only be broken by someone who did it by its own will. That meant, though the girl was completely dominated by the evil entity, in the last moment it'd have to set the girl free and hope she'd break the seal by her own will. The evil entity had also realized that she was powerless to inspire hate in the princess, so her strategy would be different from that point.

"This damned princess will never hate anyone! I'll never be able to feed myself with her hate. I must do something else to achieve my goal. I'll make her suffer the worst pains in order to break her resistance. She is already losing her confidence. If I insist, I may make her break the seal hoping the tortures may end. I can see she is not the same person as she used to be..."

The princess was dragged to the mountains. The evil entity forced the girl to stop by an opening in the rocks. Though it looked like a natural cavern, it was a man-made passage, that would take the princess closer to the evil entity's destination. The princess felt an unnatural force preventing her entrance in the cave, but the evil entity dissipated the strange force for some time, allowing the princess to get inside. The princess was somewhat fearful of getting inside the dark cavern, but she had to enter anyway, as the evil force was controlling her body. Besides, the princess was not feeling well after the long torture session, so she was mostly unaware of what was happening to her.

When she entered the cave, climbing down some steps, the entrance was sealed. To her surprise, the cave was nothing like she imagined it would be. The cave was a large opening, a hall at least a hundred feet high, hundreds of yards long and wide. The walls were made of shining polished metal. The cave entrance lead to a metal bridge, which extended itself through the large hall in a complex maze. The metal bridge was suspended several meters over the bottom of the large hall by wires made from a material the princess had never seen in her life. The metal bridge floor was in the form of a grid, with translucent hard plastic boards filling the gaps between the metal bars, allowing the princess to see what laid under her. On the bottom of the hall, there were very large machines, emitting such a strong light that they lighted the entire large hall, allowing the princess to see everything perfectly. The machines emitted continuous hum, giving an eerie feel to the place.

The princess took two or three uncertain steps before noticing she was not being controlled by the evil entity anymore, though she could still feel its evil presence near her. She started crossing the metal maze slowly, in a mixture of fear and curiosity. She was not feeling well yet, she had a bit of difficulty to focus on what she was doing. Though she was not feeling the terrible pains anymore, she was still feeling an awkward feeling all over her body, a reflex of the terrifying pains endured hours before. The constant tortures had been too much for the girl to endure and she only sought peace, even if that meant getting the sword the evil entity asked for her.

The evil entity, noticing the change in the princess, was content, but that was not enough to make it satisfied. The evil entity had already prepared new hardships for the princess to endure. While the princess was slowly walking through the bridge maze, she didn´t notice the presence of a large number of monsters inside the cave. The loud hum of the machines muffled the sounds made by the creatures. While walking through one large corridor, the princess was scared by a large pack of blue and pink furred animals, with a horn in the center of their foreheads. The princess tried to run from them, scared, but they were faster than her. The monsters started biting her legs, causing her great pains. She tried to kick them away, but they were too fast for her. After several bites, the pack of monsters disappeared through the corridors. The princess' legs were dripping blood from many wounds, she was feeling great pains again, but she felt a sense of relief when the monsters ran away. What she didn´t know was that the bites were poisonous and that the poison not only prevented her from healing herself, but it would also gradually cripple her health.

Despite the great pains, the fear and the low-spirits, the princess tried to keep advancing through the maze. As the evil entity had sealed the entrance, she knew she had to find another exit. She walked more slowly than before because the pains were harder to endure and now she knew that the cave was not only strange; it was dangerous as well. The evil entity resumed laughing inside her head.

“Oh, princess, did you think that it would be easy? You haven´t paid enough from your impertinence! You will suffer more and more, princess.”
“You betrayed me... but I should expect that... All I want now is peace... Laya, help me!”
“Do you still believe in Laya? She had not helped you before and she will not help you now. You are such a fool, Layan princess.”
The evil entity burst in laughter.
“Laya... don´t forsake me...” The princess was desperate and cried while praying for her Goddess.
“How silly you are, princess. If it was not for her, you would not be here. She betrayed me, that witch... But now she is dead, I´m back again and I´m using a Layan princess, her descendant, to help me dominate and destroy this world. I´ll exterminate every Layan. Soon you all will be extinct.”
“That can´t be true! That can´t be true!” The princess was crying. “Why don´t you leave me alone? What have I done to you?”
“You are a Layan princess, that is enough.”
“Why? I´m just a common woman. A weak one. A powerless one. Being a princess means nothing. I´m just like every other girl. Or even weaker.”
“I´ve chosen you. I feel pleasure in laughing of your suffering. I can mock both you and that damned witch. How she'd love to learn that her descendant is being attacked, poisoned and killed by her own beasts! I love the irony in all that!” The evil entity burst in laughter again.

The princess decided to end the conversation and keep moving. The physical pains were already too much to endure; she didn´t need psychological torture as well. She didn´t care about the evil entity´s plans anymore. She just wanted to be released from the evil entity´s dominance and attain peace. She had lost the will to fight against the evil entity. As long as it didn´t make her harm other people, she didn´t care. She only had peace on her mind. She wished she could find the sword the evil entity was looking for as soon as possible. She was sure that the evil entity would kill her immediately after getting the sword, but she didn´t care. Whether she would attain the heavenly peace of the eternal void after death, as least it would mean eternal peace and that was enough for her.

The princess made her way through the maze. Each step was harder than its predecessor for the princess. She was poisoned and the poison started working on her body, causing weakness on her. The maze-like corridors of the metal bridge didn't help her either. She got lost many times, having to retrace her steps back. She was unaware of how much time had passed since she entered the cave. Besides the pain and the poison, she was exhausted and starving, as she had not eaten anything since she had been possessed by the evil entity. She kept advancing nonetheless, though she felt an urge of cowering to one corner and waiting for death to come and take her out of her terrible ordeal.

"I... I can't... stand it... anymore... Why did you... let if happen to me... Laya? Why are you... deaf to my prayers... now? Of all the people in this world... why me? Why did you choose me... to suffer this terrible ordeal... to suffer what no one else has ever suffered? I know I'm a sinner... but are my sins so great? I've never... killed. I've never... stolen... harmed anyone on purpose... Why should I... suffer that... while... there are people lying... cheating... stealing... killing... torturing... and going unpunished? Oh... Laya... can you hear me? Can't you... have compassion... for your poor daughter? If you can't... save me... spare me from... this terrible fate. Let me die... peacefully. If I... deserve to be... taken to the hell... let me... go, but don't... keep me here... living in this material hell..." The princess was sobbing bitterly. The sight of the sadness and the despair in her eyes would be too much for any human to endure. "I... I think it is useless..." The princess shook her head. "Maybe they were... all wrong... and... you can't... do anything... Maybe you were... just as powerless... as me..."

The princess was feverish and soon she started hallucinating. She caught a glimpse of a giant life form, a grayish purple humanoid giant with long fangs in his hands, menacing red eyes and several small heads protruding from its back. The humanoid had an evil gaze and a sarcastic grin on its face. The princess was frightened at first, then felt an extreme disgust for the humanoid form, but soon she was not paying attention to it anymore. She dismissed it as part of her hallucinations. If it was a very difficult task to walk through the maze while sane, now the princess was completely lost, as the could not think logically anymore.

The princess was wandering through the corridors when she saw two strange brown-scaled animals, with horns in their heads, floating on the air, holding a glowing wand each. She dismissed them as hallucinations of her mind. The monsters shot fireballs at the princess, who released loud wails of pain as the fireballs hit her skin, causing severe burns. The princess tried to run away, but the monsters kept shooting fireballs at her. Her dress caught fire and she started rolling on the ground, trying to extinguish it. The animals started biting her, their strong teeth ripping through her skin and flesh. The princess thought that was her end, but the monsters grew tired after some bites and left her, not before throwing another barrage of fireballs at her. The princess kept rolling on the floor, trying to extinguish the fire and she eventually managed to do it.

The princess stayed a long time lying on the ground, breathing heavily. The evil entity laughed at her suffering. The princess didn't care anymore about the evil entity's laughter, but she couldn't stand anymore all that suffering. If she was to die, she was ready for that, she didn't really care. But all the torture she had to endure was too much. She was always left on the verge of death, but then she would be saved, only to suffer more and be tortured even more. As her body grew weaker with the time, she decided to stay lying on the floor, waiting for the death to come.

"Ah, the princess can't stand it anymore! Poor girl... I laugh at your mediocre existence. Do you think you are of any importance? I'd love to see you dead now, but I love even more to see you suffering. You weakness is shameful! Better start moving on or I'll make sure you will live decades inside this cave, suffering the worst pains."

The evil entity burst in laughter again. The princess was resigned to her fate. She started wondering if she had not died and all that suffering was part of the eternal damnation she was condemned to. Though she believed to have been a good person, she could never know. The only thing that made her frustrated was that all her prayers for Laya seemed to be unheard. Though she had a less mystic belief in Laya than the average Layan, even so she was like every one else, who starts questioning one's own beliefs when facing a desperate and helpless situation.

As the princess had no alternatives, she resumed her way through the maze. She was feeling so weak that all she could do was to crawl on the floor, like a snail, though she used her arms and legs to push her body forward. The lights coming from the bottom of the large hall caused discomfort to her blurred vision, but she didn't care anymore. She was not trying to logically find the exit for the maze; she'd just move randomly, expecting to find the exit by chance. Plus, the discomfort caused by pain were far bigger than the discomfort caused by light. Her mind wasn't working properly anymore. She couldn't keep focus on what she was doing, she was not fully aware of what was happening in the surroundings. She just tried to dismiss the unending evil laughter inside her mind and to forget about her pains.

The hours passed and the princess still crawled. She was clearly lost in the maze, crawling in circles. For her, it was as if her life was always been like that. She couldn't concentrate very well and she had lost the ability to tell what was reality and what were hallucinations from her mind. The only thing that remained present in her mind was the pain and suffering. She had passed lots of times in front of a set of stairs, but she didn't notice it as her weakness, starvation, fever and pain made her mind wander for most of the time. She took some short pauses to rest and resumed crawling again. After a long time, she finally noticed the set of stairs. She dragged her body in its direction and finally climbed it. It lead to the outside again. The princess was stepping on lands unknown to her.

As soon as the princess left the cavern, the evil entity took control of her body again and started dragging her westward. The unknown land was much like her homeland, with large green plains, some mountains and some forests. The exit cave was in a small mountain range in the format of a horseshoe. The princess walked very slowly through the grassy plains, as she was very weak. This time the evil entity didn't allow her to heal herself; she wanted the princess to be suffering a lot. As the princess was already losing control of her own mind, it would be much easier to make her break the seal of her own will.

The princess advanced through the grassy plains, barely being able to walk. Her mind was lost, fixed in one thought: Peace. She couldn't think in anything else. Pain, starvation and deprivation of sleep were making her go mad. She felt alone, helpless, abandoned by her goddess, hopeless. All that she wanted was to be freed from that torture. She knew that freedom meant death, but she didn't care anymore. She imagined that her health was already so crippled that it would be an even greater torture to keep on living in such a sad state. Between her moments hallucinating, the princess rarely got some lucid moments. Her soul had almost given up her body. She didn't want to live that doomed life anymore.

"I... don't consider myself... a person... anymore... I don't have any control of myself... I don't ... feel as I'm living anymore... I can't stand living just to feel pains... to suffer... without a reason... without a meaning... Why am I living for? To help... an evil entity? To die... afterwards? Who would... want to... keep on living... this way? Death would be much better than... keep living... this way... There is no one who... could help me... no one... I´m doomed... to suffer... till I die...”

The princess walked for some time, often falling on the floor and painfully standing up again. The day was dawning. She had spent almost the whole night inside that strange cave. Now, she was walking towards the shoreline. On the way, she started seeing the same giant grayish purple humanoid she had seen while in the cave. It seemed that the humanoid was laughing at her face with all his mouths. Though the humanoid looked real, the princess knew such a thing didn´t exist and dismissed the image as a hallucination, byproduct of her sick mind. As the princess advanced, she felt a new feeling, something inside her chest, oppressing her heart. She considered it an effect of her blood loss or maybe poisoning, as the evil entity mentioned. She was sure that her time in that world was running out and she hoped it would run out as soon as possible.

After two hours, as the sun was higher in the sky, the princess started to see the sea in the horizon. The evil entity was directing the princess to the shore. In a short moment of lucidity, the princess felt a nostalgic feeling, as she loved to stay by her bedroom window, watching the waves crashing down by the shore, coming and going, endlessly. Watching the sea always brought her peace. And it was peace the only thing she cared for, as she had lost everything else. But the sight of that sea didn´t bring her peace. Though it was as beautiful as the sea that washed Cille shores, looking at this sea increased the oppressive feeling inside her chest.

To make things worse, yellow birds started circling over the princess' head. They followed the princess for some time. The princess didn´t notice their presence. Her senses were not working properly anymore, her vision was blurred, her ears were unable to distinguish the sounds; they have become just hisses and hums. Besides, her mind was so exhausted that she didn´t care for anything else. The birds started circling closer to her head and one of the yellow birds took his chances. Coming down, he beaked a wound on the princess right leg. The other birds followed suit. The princess didn´t react, just released loud screams of pain. The birds felt the taste of the poisoned flesh and each one left after just a few beaks. The princess barely caught a glimpse of the birds which attacked her.

The princess was somewhat relieved that the attacks didn´t last long, but her legs were now hurting more than before. If it was not for the evil entity pull, she would not be able to walk anymore. The attack only increased the princess' death wish. “Look what I´ve become... I´m not living anymore... my body is not worth even as food for birds of prey... Why don´t you make me die? I´m already dead somehow... Just make me die and rejoice... my death...”

Though the princess was directing her words at the evil entity, the evil entity either ignored her on purpose or was unable to hear her. The evil entity had some plans in her mind. As the princess would need some help, she took the princess to the sea and forced her to wash the blood from her clothes. Though her appearance was pretty battered up, with her dress ragged, her hair in disarray, her countenance was one of a person undergoing extreme pains, it was better to not be soaked with blood. The salt of the sea in her wounds make her aches stronger, but at that time she was so used to feeling constant pain the it didn´t make a considerable difference.

The evil entity kept directing the princess westward, by the shoreline. It didn´t take long till the princess caught the glimpse of a town with a port. The princess felt the oppressive feeling stronger in her heart. Besides, she feared the evil entity would want to harm someone else. As her mind was seriously damaged by the constant suffering, she was unsure if she would be able to stop the evil entity. Most of the time, she was only able to wish she could attain peace. And that meant she wished she was dead. The evil entity took the princess straight to the port. To her lucky, the port was almost empty, for the princess appearance would raise some suspicions.

The princess went straight to one anchored boat by the port. The captain, a middle-aged man with silver hair and silver beard was smoking a pipe, seated on the wooden steps of one of the stairs that took to the piers. The captain was surprised to see the girl and somewhat shocked with her battered appearance. Seeing her confused gaze, he immediately stoop up and directed himself to the girl.

“Good morning. Do you need some help?”
The princess could barely understand what the man was saying and tried to answer, but her mind was so confused that she only managed to stutter. “I... I...”
“Are you feeling well?”
The evil entity realized that letting the princess talk with the man would put its plan on risk, so it immediately possessed the girl´s vocal organs. “Take me to the sunken temple!”
The princess' voice was hoarse and startled the captain, who inquired with a suspicious gaze. “Why? There is nothing to see there.”
“I want to go there! Just take me!” The evil entity made the princess embark the ship without the captain´s authorization.
“Oh, well.” The captain was feeling confused. “I hope she brings me luck.”

The captain followed the princess, who was seated by a corner. The oppressive feeling inside the princess chest was growing and growing. The captain raised the sail and started sailing toward the sunken temple. He tried to start a friendly chat with the princess, but the princess dryly rebuked his attempts with an aggressive “Leave me alone!”, so the captain shrugged and kept sailing. He was questioning himself why he was taking that mysterious and rude woman with him, but as he was a very superstitious man and he believed that sailing with a woman in his boat would bring him unexpected luck, he came to the conclusion that taking her for a short ride would not harm him.

But he was completely wrong. The evil entity had plans on her own. As it felt the journey with the princess was coming to its end, it decided it was time to make the princess suffer for the last time. The princess was lost in her confused thoughts and didn´t notice that the captain was staring intently at her. Though her appearance was one of a person that had been suffering for a long time, she was still attractive to the eyes of the captain. Fueled by the evil entity´s influence, the captain had to confront the lustful thoughts the evil entity was inspiring on him with his own moral values. Though the captain was not a bad man, he was not nearly strong-minded as the princess was, so it didn´t take long for the evil entity to control his mind. The captain´s countenance changed immediately, showing that something strange had happened to him.

The captain started walking towards the princess, who was cowering inside the deck, by the rails over the stern. She didn't notice him before he was very close to her. The evil entity had freed the princess from its domain for some time, but her mental state was so frail that the princess didn't even notice that she was free again. When the captain stopped in front of the princess, she looked up, with an inquisitive and frightful gaze.

"A woman... in my boat... alone... has to pay the fare!" The captain grinned. He had something evil in his eyes.
"Wha... what?" The princess slowly stood up, afraid. She recognized those evil eyes. They were the same eyes of the giant humanoid that appeared on her hallucinations.
"I want you!" The captain grabbed the princess arm with some violence.

The shock made the princess recover some of her mental strength. She was sure it was the evil entity who was commanding the captain. She recognized that hoarse tone. It was similar to the tone her own voice had when she was being controlled by the evil entity. By looking into the captain's eyes, the princess figured out she was not hallucinating about the giant humanoid, she was really seeing the evil entity.

"No, please, stop!"
"Are you afraid, little princess?"
The evil entity laughed inside the princess mind.
"We have a deal!"
"How fool you are! Our deal was that I'd not use you to harm the others, not that I wouldn't use the others to harm you."
"I should not had trusted you..."

The captain tried to throw the princess to the ground, but the princess resisted by forcing her body back to the ship rail, preventing her from losing her balance.

"Please, stop doing that! Stop! Come back to your senses!" The princess struggled against the captain, but she knew her weak body would be easily overpowered. The captain was completely possessed
"There is a way you can save yourself, princess. I'll help you."

The evil entity regained control of the princess' free arm. It made her hand move towards the captain's waistline. The princess looked down and noticed what the evil entity was up to. The princess' hand grabbed the handle and unsheathed the cutlass from the scabbard tied by the captain' s waist.

"Only his blood can save you, princess! Kill him now!"
"Damn! Kill me instead!"
"Why don't you react? He is doing you harm..."
"It is not me, it is you!"
The princess was angry.
"Hate me! Yes, hate! Hate him! Either you kill him or you die."
"I won't let... it happen..."
The princess was trying to gather all his forces. "Even if it... will make me... die..."

The evil entity raised the princess arm holding the cutlass. It tried to bring the cutlass down the captain's head, severing his skull in two, but the princess resisted. The captain was mesmerized, his eyes shot. He was unaware of his surroundings. He shook the princess' arm violently. The evil entity managed to push the princess arm slowly. Tears were falling from the princess' eyes. She was trying very hard to not let the evil entity use her hand to kill the poor captain. The fierce struggle lasted for a while, with the weakened princess having to fight two opponents. She was feeling hopeless. "If I was not so battered up, I could try to fight better, but looks like I'm powerless to avoid it. I hope that I may kill myself instead of him..."

As the cutlass blade was just one inch from the captain' s skull, the princess used all her strength to swing her hand in a rapid movement, hitting the captain in the throat with the cutlass handle. The blow was not very strong, but the captain immediately released the grip on the princess' arm. He took his arms to his throat and started gasping for breath. He was suffocating. The evil entity released both from her control, shocked that the princess had resisted her one more time. The princess dropped the cutlass, ran to the captain and held his body. He was passing out. His windpipe collapsed with the blow.

"No, no! I didn't intend to harm you!"
"I'm.... dying..." The captain was desperate gasping for breath, but he was unable to breathe.
"No, please!" The princess was crying in despair.

The man passed out, with his face contorted. The princess was desperate. She laid her hand on the captain's throat, trying to find a way to restore his breathing. As the seconds passed, the princess was getting more and more desperate.

The evil entity was shocked, watching the scene. "What's up with this girl? How can she resist my influence? How can she have such a pure heart? I loathe her! I loathe her! We are almost there, but I'm not confident enough. I think I'll have to kill her and find another fool to help me, this time someone who wasn't got a clue."

The seconds passed and the princess was more and more desperate, as the captain was breathless. She knew the captain would soon pass away. "That can't be! No, I don't want him dead. Please... someone... Laya... if you can her me... if you can forgive me... help him. Let me die in his place!" The princess knocked the man's throat again in a desperate attempt to bring him back. The hit reopened partially the man's windpipe, as her first blow had not been strong enough to crush his windpipe. The man started to breath again, faintly.

The princess laid his body on the floor gently and cowered back to the rails by the stern. She hugged her knees and started weeping, but her tears were of joy. The constant flow of emotions made her suffer a mental breakdown again, but she was feeling peace. The oppressive feeling inside her chest was stronger than ever, but she was relieved that she had survived the ordeal again.

But the evil entity was angry and wouldn't leave the princess in peace. An unnatural high wave appeared out of nowhere and hit the ship, sending the captain overboard.

"Man overboard!" The evil entity laughed.
"No! You devil!" The princess was desperate. She knew the man was unconscious and would drown.
"You still have to pay for your impertinence!" The evil entity laughed.

The princess rushed to the side rails, took one of the lifebuoys that had a rope attaching it to the boat and jumped to the water, taking the lifebuoy with her. She was not a good swimmer, but she managed to reach the point the captain was thrown. He had already started drowning. The princess had to dive in order to catch his arm and pull him back to the surface. It was not easy for the weak princess, but as she was holding the rope attached to the lifebuoy, it helped pulling both to the surface again. The princess, then, tied the captain to the lifebuoy. She had no means to return to the ship in order to pull the man from the water, but, as he was safe for now, she hoped another ship could save the captain or that he'd be able to sort it out as soon as he regained his senses.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Why don't you take me to our destination! Stop torturing me, I can't take it anymore!" The princess was mad with the evil entity.
"Damn! Why didn't you leave him to die? Why do you have to be always the good girl, do the things right? Why don't you surrender to my power?"
"I don't have anything to do with you. We have made a deal. So, please, take me to the damned sword immediately! I'll take it for you and then you will leave me alone! I can't stand it anymore. I'll do anything, just let me be in peace." The princess had surrendered. She couldn't take the evil entity's actions anymore. Her mind was completely broken.

The evil entity rejoiced with the princess' words. She felt confident that the princess would break the seal. She started dragging the princess underwater.

"Don't worry, that will not kill you. See that temple? It is our final destination."
"I'll drown!"
"You still doubt my powers... I'll keep you alive, as long as you keep your word on helping me."

The princess saw a huge marble temple resting underwater. The polished marble columns resembled the ones which could be found on the Laya's temples. Its architecture was very much similar as well. The princess wondered if the temple was an ancient sunken Layan temple. As the evil entity dragged her closer to the temple, the oppressive feeling in her heart increased exponentially.

The princess crossed the gates of the temple. She noticed the temple was not a Layan temple, it resembled an abandoned palace. The temple was empty, no marine life could be found inside, not an animal, not a plant. It gave an eerie feel to the place. The evil entity slowly dragged the princess through its corridors, as a strong water current pulled her outside. The princess was astounded by the sight of such place, she felt something really important was lying inside that temple. She had strange feelings on her mind, strange visions. She thought she was hallucinating again. There were images of the giant evil humanoid fighting a tall man, with dark green hair, wearing a cape, wielding a black sword and a very beautiful blonde woman with a ruby on her forehead, wielding a bow. The woman resembled the legendary descriptions of Laya. The oppressive feeling in her chest was so strong that it made her heart race like mad. The princess returned to her feverish state from before.

As soon has the princess had reached the palace's main hall, her heart had stopped. The hall was just a large and empty room with a red stone in the middle. She evil entity dragged the princess towards the stone. There was a black sword carved in the stone. The black sword was exactly like the one the tall man was holding in her vision.

"This is the sword I need. Please, get it to me. I, myself, can't help you now." The evil entity's voice inside the princess head was almost gently.
"I'm already dead, I can't do it..." The princess was aware that her heart had stopped and that she was only alive because of the evil entity's influence.
"You can do it! That is part of the deal!"
"I don't think so..."
"I you do it, I'll save your life. I swear."
"It is no use. Why would I want to live in a world dominated by evil?"
"I... I can spare your family, your friends... You could be powerful..."
The evil entity was embarrassed, as she felt the princess would not buy her false promises.
"Just let me have peace. Leave me to die and that is enough for me."

The princess grabbed the sword hilt and tried to pull it free from its stone sheath, but she failed. She tried again and again, but her near-death state did not help her. Her body was crushed and her soul was torn. The evil influence was very intense. After her heart had stopped, the evil influence started oppressing her mind. The princess considered the feeling as an indication that she was already dead and, even so, the evil entity would keep oppressing her soul. "That is not the right way of attaining peace... no... I'll surely die... but it will keep oppressing me... every day... to the eternity... No, I'm doing it all wrong... I'm being selfish... If it is to suffer the torture forever... so be it... I just can't help this evil entity... just to attain peace... because I'll never be at peace..."

The princess looked down and read the inscription on the floor "I HOLD DARK FORCE". She immediately released her grip on the black sword's hilt. Slowly, her body started to be dragged outside the temple by the unnatural water current.

"What? What are you doing? Go back now!"
"You betrayed me."
"Damn! Damn! Damn! Damned princess, you know you are hopeless! You are gone and I'll still live, anyway. It is just a matter of time till I trick someone here again."
"Thanks, Laya... now I've found the peace I sought for..."
The princess countenance was serene. She was finally in peace.
"I know a man who has been kept alive for a thousand years on his hate. I'm sure he will help me, he will feed me with his hate. As for you, princess, you will suffer the greatest pains and horrors. I'll always be torturing your soul for the whole eternity. It is just a matter of time for me to annihilate this world and conquer the whole universe..."

The mind of the princess went blank. She was being dragged outside the temple. An invisible aura surrounded her body.

"... and I'll never forget you. Never! You were my most formidable opponent..." The evil entity hesitated. "... and you will pay for that... for the whole eternity. My greatest horrors will be reserved for you... I'll never forget you... Marlena!"
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