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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, '11, 2:19 am
The Evil Seeks Freedom

The warm rays of the sun were warming the princess body. The sky was clear, the climate was cool. It was almost comfortable to be sleeping on the hard wooden deck. For the princess, the feeling of comfort was even higher. She had had a peaceful night, free from the evil entity's influence.

She dreamt she was in an unknown world where people lived in peace. She lived in a strange house, with other three unknown women. There was no noticeable evil in that world. People were usually happy. They respected each other, they helped the others to achieve common goals. People were honest, just, sincere and altruistic. People were good-hearted; they loved each other as if everybody were part of the same family. They treated each other as their own brothers and sisters. The princess was aware that it was just a dream, but she wished that the dream could, somehow, be real, not just a dream.

The princess woke up with the sun in her eyes. She opened up her eyes and saw a beautiful blue sky, with few white clouds. She heard the sound of the seagulls flying around. Her eyes and ears have been healed during the night. Her brain was not damaged anymore. Except for some small bruises, she was completely healed. She felt peace inside her, but that peace was not destined to last. It didn't take long till the evil entity possessed her again.

“Did you miss me, princess? Did you think it was over? I still need you and I'll have you.”
“Oh, no, not again. It was too good to be true...” The princess had a resigned countenance.
“Let's get moving, we have many things to kill and destroy today!”
“No! Please! Can´t you forget this stupid business of killing and destroying with no reason?”
“Of course not! That is exactly what I live for.”

The princess tried to resist, but the evil entity was soon controlling the princess body. The princess looked around and saw that the ship had crashed into a sandbank by the shoreline. She didn't know where she was, but it was not necessary, as the evil entity started dragging her again. From the ship's bow, it was possible to climb down straight on the sand as its lower part was completely buried in the sandbank. The evil entity dragged the princess there and started climbing down to the sand.

The princess found herself in a large mass of land, probably a continent. By the position of the sun, the princess knew she had traveled westward, so she should be in Orakian lands. These lands were unknown to her, she had never been there. The evil entity, though, knew exactly where they were. It sought freedom and was determined to use the princess to help it be freed, but it also was delighted with the idea of feeding itself with the princess hate, so it decided to take a detour from their original destination.

“Well, you defied my orders yesterday and I made you pay for that. Now you will have a chance to redeem yourself.”
“What do you want from me? You know I'm not the right person to help you. There are many people over there, greedy, egocentric, who would help you in your evil plans. Why did you have to choose me?”
“You are the right person. You are a Layan princess. There is no one like you.”
“But why do you need a Layan princess? I´m just like every other girl.”
“You are special for me. But soon you will know. Soon you will know. Anyway, before we go to our final task, I need you for some entertainment.”
“Please, if that means doing harm to people, don't do it. You know I just can't do any harm to anyone.”
“I don't need you. I just need your vessel. That is enough for me.”
“Please, don't. Leave me alone, please, I beg you.”

The princess could only hear the laughter inside her head. She was moving south by the shoreline, over large green plains. High mountains could be seen in the west and a small forest in the south. The princess walked for a long time and felt some pains in her feet and legs, but the evil entity would not let her rest. The evil entity felt pleasure in watching the princess suffering.

The main objective of the evil entity was to complete control the princess, mind and soul. But to be able to do that, it had to become more powerful. The easiest way to become more powerful would be sparking hate in the princess heart and then feeding itself with this hate. The evil entity knew that if there was a way to break such a strong will as the princess will, it would be by making the girl live terrible experiences. The other way to become more powerful in order to completely dominate the girl would be if the seal was broken, so the evil entity would be set free. The evil entity knew she had to try both ways.

After walking some miles, the princess arrived at the outskirts of a small town by the sea. Besides the houses, there was a small harbor, where many fishing boats were anchored. There were some fishing boats at the sea as well. The village seemed to be a peaceful and friendly place. The princess was so tired that she would have rejoiced to find an inviting place to rest, but under the influence of the evil entity, she preferred to avoid contact with other people.

“Beware, princess! This is an Orakian village! They would be less than happy to learn you are a Layan.”
“Why did you bring me here so? Why do you do things just to harm me? What have I done to you?”
“All the Orakians are evil men. They all deserve to die. We are here to wipe out all this village!”
The princess was indignant with the evil entity´s idea.
“I´ve been too gentle to you. You don´t believe my powers. I´ll give you a demonstration of my powers. I can wipe out entire cities and even blow up entire planets if I wanted. Entire planets! Oh, if only you knew...” The evil entity burst in laughter. “Why don´t you join me? You could rule this world. You could rule the whole universe! We´d crush any resistance. Either be with us or be dead!”
“Your thoughts are disgusting.! You are sick! I´d rather die a thousand times than to do what you propose me.”
“Yes, hate me! Hate me! I´m sure you will hate me more when you see this village burned to the ground.”
“No! Please, don´t do that! Stop! Spare all these innocent lives, they didn´t do anything for you.”
“Fool girl! Do you think I would stop just because you asked me? I wanna kill and I will kill. Do you think I care for you? If it was for me, you´d be dead now.”
“Anyway, I can´t let you... do that...”

The princess raised her arms to the sky. A high energy concentration was being formed in the air, over the princess, in a giant electricity ball. The concentration of charged particles was so high that lightning started cracking in the air. The princess was desperate, trying to fight the evil entity and stop that phenomenon. She had never seem a phenomenon like that, it was to her a thing she had only read in fantasy and supernatural books. She was naturally afraid of lightning and the successive lightning cracks were making her shiver. But she had to fight her fear and the evil entity's influence, as she knew that, if that charged energy concentration burst over the village, the village would be entirely charred, including all its inhabitants.

The struggle was very fierce. The princess tried with all her strength and willpower to prevent the evil entity from unleashing all that electric energy over the city. The evil entity was shocked that she couldn´t easily overpower the girl, as it was used to possess and completely dominate its victims. The princess seemed to be getting stronger and stronger at each struggle. The mental fight lasted for a while, with the princess doing her best to prevent the evil force from bursting the electricity ball over the city. The excess of energy made the electricity ball become unstable.

“Damned girl! How can you be so strong? I´ve broken the resistance of people much more powerful than you before! How can a weak girl stop me?”
“I... must... not let... you do... that... Never...”
“It is useless. You will die, I´ll find another way to burn not only this village, but this whole world to the ground and then your soul will be condemned to the worst tortures for the eternity.”
“I... don´t... care... as long... as I know... I´ve made... my best...”

The electricity ball became less and less stable. The princess kept fighting back the evil entity´s influence and she partially succeeded. The electricity ball burst over her head, sending electric charges in all directions. Many of the discharges hit her body, but they were not so strong to kill her, just to cause some pain. Part of the electricity remained concentrated in the same spot.

“Damn! Look what you have done! You have just wasted all that energy. Alright, I´ll not raze that village to the ground, but you will still pay for your acts.”
“I don´t care... just don´t make me... harm anyone...”
The princess was exhausted from the struggle.
“Let´s make a deal? I´m looking for a sword. You get me that sword I´m looking for and I´ll not make you kill anyone else.”
“Deal? I know it... must be a trap, because... only treachery... can come from... an evil entity. Though. I have no choice... but to accept. I can´t stand anymore... this anxiety... this fear. I don´t mean any harm to anyone.... I don´t know... for how long... I´ll be able... to resist you.”
The princess' soul betrayed despair and hopelessness.
“Right... I´ll not make you kill people randomly for now. But yet, you will pay for disobeying me. Sooner or later you will have to accept that you are powerless to stop me and that I will achieve my goals, like you or not.”

The evil entity started dragging the princess body again, this time to the mountains in the west. The electricity ball followed the princess. The evil entity made the electricity ball discharge electric current continuously on the princess' nerves enough to make her feel a strong pain in each and every sensitivity nerves of her body, but not causing further harm, as she needed the princess alive. The princess contorted her body in pain, rolled on the ground, crying. Her wails of pain were deafening. The pain was so strong that it blurred her senses and confused her mind. Her soul was unable to do anything else, just grieve the pain. The evil entity laughed inside her mind, rejoicing in her suffering.

“Satisfied? That is what you earned for defying my orders! You alone will suffer thousand times more than all those people would suffer if you had let me do what I intended to do with that village.”
“Ahhh... th-this... is... so... painful... Help... me... Laya... help... me... overco-com-ming... this...”
“No one can help you. Face my anger, damned princess!”
“Laya... help... me...”

The evil entity laughed for a long time inside the princess mind to increase her suffering, but the pain was already too much for her, so her soul didn´t care too much about the laughter. Besides, she was getting used to the evil entity always mocking her suffering. The evil entity tried to drag the princess faster, but, with the pain the girl was feeling, she would go nowhere. She stayed lying on the floor, in a fetal position, crying, trembling, with her body jerking and her muscles suffering involuntary spams from time to time. The electricity current on her brain made her unaware of external stimuli; she just felt pain. The evil entity was not concerned, though, she had time. She rejoiced even more the princess suffering because now she hated her deeply. She waited for hours, till all the energy gathered had flowed through the princess body before dissipating.

“It is not me who has to hate, it is her who should hate me. I´ve never met someone like her! She must be destroyed. I´m sure I´ll be able to find someone as fit as her for my revenge against the damned Layans and the damned Orakians. I made a big mistake with Laya. I don´t need someone powerful as her, as I´m much more powerful than any human. I need someone who is unstoppable. This woman, if blinded by rage, drowned in hate, turned to evil, would be unstoppable. If only I could really possess the princess soul, oh, then I´d be unbeatable.”
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