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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, '11, 12:23 pm
The Evil Seeks Hatred

The princess walked through the forest, unwillingly. She was being dragged by the evil entity who had possessed her body. She was just a passenger inside her own body. The evil entity was directing her movements. The princess was suffering a great deal because she feared what the evil entity was up to. “If it didn´t kill me, that means it is up to something worse than killing me. Luckily I could spare my dad's life. I just hope I don´t have to kill anybody else.”
“Kill! Destruction! Suffering! Oh, how I rejoice at hearing such words! You are giving me some good ideas, girl! I think you can be a suitable partner for me... But you deserve death for not obeying me.”
“Why don´t you leave me alone if I´m useless for you?”
“I may forgive you, but you must survive my ordeal.”
“I don´t want you forgiveness. All I want is that you stop using me and leave me alone.”
“That will happen only on an appropriate time.”

After walking some miles, the princess left the small forest. From there, the princess walked straight to the shore. Arriving there, it was like a dead end. There was nowhere to go. The sea had covered the sandbank which used to connect their island to the southern continent.

The princess was feeling depressed. She was unable to do anything against the evil force. She had to wait the evil force to decide which step they would take next. Although her soul tried very hard to recover the control of her body, the evil entity was stronger. Not only the evil entity countered all the princess moves but it also mocked the girl constantly, trying to inspire hatred on her.

“Do you like flying, princess? Or do you prefer walking on the water? Underwater, maybe? I can do anything for you. But I have better things in my mind. Things that will leave me pleased. Things that will satisfy my thirst for blood.”

The laughter inside the princess mind was deafening. The princess tried to forget about the evil force for some moments, but she was unable to do so. The presence of the evil entity was so overwhelming that it confused even the princess’ own thoughts. Her soul was crying desperately for help. A help that would never come. She had to fight the evil entity alone.

After some minutes waiting, a small sailboat appeared in the horizon. The princess was surprised to see a sailboat risking itself in those waters on winter, but deep inside she knew that it should be one of the evil force doings, so she only felt more depressed. The boat slowly sailed closer and closer to the shore, until it was close enough to allow its sailor to disembark. Then, it was anchored. A small wooden vessel was laid on the water. Two sailors left the sailboat, entered the wooden vessel and rowed to the shore.

“Now it is time to have some fun!” The evil entity made the princess grin.

But the princess was feeling terrible. She felt an extreme disgust at the dark humor attempts by the evil entity. She knew the evil entity was up to something really mean and that her body would be used as the vehicle for its mean actions. She fought hard against the evil force to not lose the entire control of her body, but the best she managed was to slow her movements a bit. Besides the fear, she was hopeless. “I've become a slave of this evil entity. Not in my worst nightmares I thought something like that was possible.” Her soul was desperate, but the princess gaze was a calm one, as her body reflected more the will of the evil entity than her own will.

“Time to kill, princess.”
“But they are filthy Orakians. Don't you hate them?”
“No. I don't even know them.”
“They were the ones responsible for Laya's death. You should hate them. You must hate them. Kill them!”
“I don't hate them...”
“They are mean, really mean.”
“Still, I don't hate them.”
“Damn! You have to hate them! I rejoice at your hate! Kill them now!”
“Please, listen to me. I don't want to kill anyone. I'm unable to do that. Please, release me from your control. Find someone who is willing to help you. I just can't stand suffering anymore.”
“Oh, so you want to defy my orders. Very well, then. Remember that I have control over you. Don't you think those sailors are hungry for a pretty woman like you?”
“No! Please, don't do that to me!”
The evil entity burst in laughter as she felt the despair in the princess soul.
“Wouldn't you hate them?” The evil entity always rejoiced when it talked about hate.
“No, they would be blameless victims of your evil doings, like me.”
“So let's make them do some blameless acts on you.”
“No, please, don't to that to me.”
“How you humans are foolish! That is why I loathe you all! Why are you desperate? What would that change?”
“Please, I can't even stand the thought...”
“Fools! I hate you all! Well, I've changed my mind. I don't care for your stupid human values such as morals, modesty. What are they worth? Chastity? The most stupid thing I've ever heard. I only care for your hatred, your anger, your envy, your greed and your pain. I rejoice with your deaths, specially the painful ones. Your anger and hatred feed me, they make me stronger. The rest, I abhor. Your puny species doesn't deserve to keep polluting the universe. Let's do something better than that. Something to quench my thirst.”
“No! No! Leave me alone!”

The princess was in despair, as she felt her body being dragged towards the sailors. She knew the evil entity meant some harm to the sailors. The sailors were disembarking from the wooden vessel and they noticed the young woman's presence. One of the sailors turned to her and smiled, waving at her in a friendly way. His friendly approach was met with a serious countenance. The princess was walking fast towards the man, deeply staring at his eyes. She raised her right arm and a sudden energy wave erupted from the palm of her right hand directed to the sailor.

“Die!” The princess voice was hoarse, nothing like her usual voice.

The energy wave hit the man in the chest, making him immediately collapse. The other man ran away to the woods, scared.

“What have your done? What have you done?” The princess was bursting in tears.
“Look what you have done, princess! How majestic! You had just killed a man! Look at that other fool, who is running for his life. That is so funny. Don't you love it?”

The laughter inside the princess mind was too much for her. Gathering her last strength, she freed herself from the evil entity's control and ran towards the sailor she had just hit. “Oh, no, I must save him. He doesn't deserve to die. Poor man... what have I done? It doesn’ t matter that he is an Orakian. Laya, grant me your power! Let me heal him, please! Don't fail on me, Laya, I need to save this innocent life...”

The princess had her hand over the sailor's forehead. Tears started flowing from the princess’ eyes, rolling down her cheeks and finally falling on the sailor's face. As a Layan, she had inherited the mysterious powers of using techniques, though she had never used it herself. She didn' t even know what kind of techniques she was able to use, so she prayed to Laya, hoping she had inherited her late mother's healing techniques. An invisible aura engulfed the sailor and he started breathing again. After some minutes more, he opened his eyes and, scared by the sight of the woman who had attacked him laying over him, he rolled in the sand and started fleeing toward the woods.

“Your Layan witch! You are trying to suck my soul out of my body!”
“No! Come back!” The princess cried in despair. “I was healing you...”
“Healing, eh? You tried to kill me!” The man was crawling in the sand, trying to run away.
“Sucking his soul out of his body? What a great idea!”
“No! I won't let you do that!”
“Run away!” The princess shouted to the fleeing man. “Run for your life!”

The princess knew that the evil entity meant to do harm to the man, so he would be safer it he was far from her. “What have I become? People are only safe if they are far from me. I've become a doom bringer. The death itself.” The princess soul was crying so much that even her body started crying. The sailor was confused by the girl's actions and kept running away from her.

“How you dare to defy my orders? Do you think you are powerful enough? You are out of your mind!”
“I may not be powerful enough, but I'll die trying... to... stop... you.”

The princess was struggling against the evil entity and, though the evil force overpowered the girl, she was able to delay the evil entity's actions, hoping that the sailor would have time to flee into safety. The princess slowly raised her right arm again, aiming at the sailor. Because of the princess’ own resistance, her arm was shaking. The sailor was almost in the woods when the evil entity managed to release another energy wave through the princess body. The princess, though, managed to change the direction of the ray, which missed the sailor by just a few inches. The energy ray hit a tree and the tree immediately withered.

As the sailor disappeared in the woods, the princess felt a sense of relief. She let her body fall on the sand. For some seconds, it was as if she had defeated the evil entity who possessed her, but she was not fooled by the entity's brief disappearing. She knew it would strike back with full force. “But, at least, that man was not killed. I wouldn't be able to live knowing I had caused the death of an innocent man. Thanks, Laya.”

It didn't take long before the evil entity made its presence known. “Damned princess! Do you think that will go unpunished? You will pay for disobeying me. You will regret having saved that man!”

The princess, though, was calm. She was tired of trying to argue with the evil entity, as the entity would never listen to her reasoning. Her soul was in peace. “It doesn't matter what she does to me, I'll never regret saving that man.”

The evil entity dragged the princess body inside the small wooden vessel. The princess rowed to the sailboat and embarked it. She was alone inside the sailboat and she had no knowledge of how to sail it. Even so, the ship started moving automatically, as the evil entity made an unnatural wind blow the sail to its intended direction.

When the ship was moving in a steady pace to its destination, known only to the evil entity, the princess, led by the evil entity's will, tied a hope around her own ankles. The evil entity had regained full control of the princess body, so all her actions were planned by the evil entity. The princess herself was puzzled, she had no idea of what the evil entity was up to. The princess tied the rope to one of the masts, calculating the length of the rope, walked to the deck and, from there, suddenly jumped overboard.

“Woman overboard! Do you like it? Now you will face the consequences of your smart acts.”

The princess was drowning, with the rope carefully measured to leave her head underwater and her body out of the water. As the ship was sailing fast, the contact of the water with her skin was like hundreds of razors cutting it at once. The princess was feeling great pains and she started losing her breath. After two minutes, the rope was mysteriously pulled, taking the princess from the water. The princess was desperately gasping for some air.

“Did you like it, dear princess? Did you like it? This is what you get for disobeying me, princess.”

The rope was released again. The princess almost drowned and her skin was further damaged by the water hitting her. To make matters worse, the salty water on her wounds increased the pain felt by the princess. The evil entity rejoiced to see the princess in pain. It kept laughing inside the princess head. Though the evil entity controlled the princess movements, it was the princess soul which felt all the pain. The mix of pain, fear and the proximity to death made it difficult for the princess to think. The evil entity pulled the rope again.

“Better get used to that, my dear princess. I will show you no mercy.”

The evil entity released the rope one more time. And it repeated the same thing as before. For hours. The evil entity kept repeating the cycle of almost drowning the princess and pulling her back. After some time, the princess was unable to react even if she wanted to. The exposure to the sun, the long periods without breathing and the blood loss made the princess hallucinate and pass out eventually. She had lost the sense of direction, the sense of time. She didn’t even know where she was or who she was. She only felt pain, pain and more pain.

Sometime after the sunset, the princess regained her conscience for a brief moment. She was hanging upside down by the boat’s side. A light breeze was blowing. The breeze was refreshing, easing a bit the bit pains the princess was feeling. The princess vision was blurred. She was not hearing properly as well. The hours hanging upside down and the privation of air had damaged her brain, eyes and ears. Even so, she noticed that she had the control of her body again. The evil entity apparently was tired of torturing her and left her.

The princess tried to climb up the rope, but that was almost an inhuman task. She was naturally a weak person, so she would hardly be able to climb the rope if she was in a good shape. As she was wounded, with her brain damaged, the task was almost impossible. But, as staying there meant death, she had to try. She tried to catch the rope, but she couldn’t even reach her knees, so weak she was. She then tried a different solution. She started pulling the ship hull. Her body, tied by her ankles, started to swing as a pendulum. She used the momentum generated to pull it strongly each time. Each time, her body would describe a broader arc. After many minutes of this painful task, she felt that she had a chance if she stretched her arms and tried to hold her hands on the deck. She tried it many times, but she was unable to get a strong hold on the deck. It was too painful. She kept on trying, till once she had a strong hold. Even so, it took her many minutes to finally pull herself inside the boat, as she was not strong enough to do that with ease.

The princess was lying on the deck, facing the sky. Her blurred vision was staring at the stars. Her head swoon, as she was very weak and her brain was damaged. Her thoughts were a mix of introspection and hallucinations.

“Peace! Peace! How I longed for it! It feels like I´m sailing through the stars... the stars... the heaven... oh Laya, thank Laya for this peace... Laya... Laya... the stars... there must be... must be something else... all those stars... each one with its planets... there must be something else... something greater than holy Laya.... oh Laya... Somewhere were there is no evil... something more powerful than this evil force... we are humans.... powerless... but... we can do it... all I want... peace... all I want is to live a life of peace... sailing through the stars... we want to be happy... we want to feel comfortable... we should be able to make it... no more hatred... Oh Laya.... no more violence... no angst... only peace... sailing through the stars... on the way to a smile... to a warm embrace... to a lovely look in one’s eyes... to our peace of mind.... to love... Somewhere.... the evil doesn’t exist... loving and being loved... all the minds and hearts... together... singing in unison... singing the heavenly song of love... bound for infinity... bound for eternity..."

The princess passed out. While she was sleeping, she involuntarily cast healing spells on herself, healing herself from her most serious wounds. She was allowed to sleep for some hours in peace, recovering from the terrible ordeal she had suffered. The evil entity stayed near her. The evil entity still hated the princess and wanted to do her harm. But the princess earned the respect of the evil entity.

“Damned girl! If all this torture couldn’t break her, that means she is a formidable. Too formidable for a human. What a strength she has! For the kind of girl she is, I'd never expect that. It is a pity she insists in being a good and fair person. If only I could nurture hatred on her, she would be my perfect companion. Well, I just need to make her pull that sword... that sword... to break the seal...”
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