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PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, '11, 12:15 am
This fanfic is a take on the events that lead to PSIII.


"I've chosen you!"
The cyan-haired girl had just opened her eyes. Everything was dark. She was sweating, though the climate was cold. "That must have been a nightmare." She turned to the other side to sleep a bit more.
"You are mine now!"
"What!" The girl was startled by the voice. "Who is there, who is there?" The girl cringed in fear on her bed, sitting and gripping tightly her blankets. The fear made her feel completely awake.
"Once I had Laya in my hands and we almost made it, but the damned witch betrayed me. Now it is time to come back! I've waited a thousand years, but now I'll not fail. You are my chosen one!"

"What? Who is there? What are you talking about?" The girl's heart was racing madly. She started shivering.
"Calm down... together we will rule this world."
"Me?" The girl felt confused.
"You and me! Keep quiet now, you don't need to speak, I'm inside of you."
"Inside...?" The girl realized that the voice was coming from inside her head. She started feeling drowsy again. "But I don't want... to rule..."
"Sleep, my sweet child. Sleep. Tomorrow you will have a busy day..."
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