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 Post subject: Surprises
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, '09, 2:07 pm 
There are some game stories that are really cliche. Sometimes that is really bad, other times it is really good. Occasionally though, there is a game that throws a curve ball with a completely unexpected story event. What are some games you've played that had events you didn't see coming at all?

 Post subject: Re: Surprises
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, '09, 5:47 pm 
The Tanetane Island sequence in Mother 3 was a welcome twist for me. Not because of the event itself, but because when you wash up on shore, your items are gone and all your characters have one hit point left (and Lucas an Kumatora, your PSI users, each of one psychic point left.) need to heal. The only thing nearby is a patch of mushrooms. I was so relieved to, at this point, finally be internally saying 'Yay, I feel like I'm on a drug trip, yay!' while playing Mother 3, a feeling that was largely lacking for me. Granted, the characters were literally on a drug trip, but still...;)

 Post subject: Re: Surprises
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, '09, 8:14 pm 
I'd say playing Bioshock. Seeing as this is a spiritual successor to the System Shock series I wasn't surprised when there was a twist but it was definitely one I wasn't expecting. Easily the best game I played in '07. This year was Dead Space :D

 Post subject: Re: Surprises
PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, '09, 1:18 pm 
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune provided quite the twist for me. It caught me off guard considering that the ads & such left me with the impression that this was basically an Indiana Jones-esque adventure with Nathan Drake searching for the treasure of El Dorado. Bad thing is I forgot that Indiana Jones was more than an ordinary adventure, so I should've expected something at the end of Uncharted.

Prince of Persia (2008) also had a nice little twist ending. I honestly believe that to be one of the most beautiful and satisfying ending ever to a video game. Kind of a pity that the epilogue didn't feel as epic, but meh.

Ah, two great games. :)

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