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 Post subject: Superheroes get help
PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, '10, 8:51 pm 
A federal judge has ruled in favor of costumed "superheroes" being able to perform and take pictures with fans along Hollywood Boulevard: ... roes_N.htm

Should have known Batman & Superman would come out of this a winner. :wink:

Interesting picture with the article. Is that someone pretending to be superman, or is that a statue of some sort??? It really looks like Christopher Reeve as Superman!!!!!

 Post subject: Re: Superheroes get help
PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, '10, 3:16 am 
That looks like a person in a costume to me. I don't think I statue would look quite like that.

Anyway, it's good that the judge ruled in favor of freedom of expression. From the anecdotes in the article, I don't doubt that some of the performers are exceeding the bounds of reasonable free expression. However, I'm glad the judge didn't issue a blanket ban on this kind of expression.

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