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PostPosted: Sat May 30, '15, 3:24 am 
An interesting auction recently on ebay where 300 Jurassic Park video games were up for sale: ... 30432.html

Why would anyone want 300 copies of the same game?

Anyone here have a copy of this videogame or ever played it?

PostPosted: Sat May 30, '15, 5:46 am 
<face palms> No one in their right state of mind would want multiple copies of those Jurassic Park games. And from the picture it would appear at least one copy of the sequal game from the SNES game franchise is present in the bottom drawer of the fridge... having that many copies of the same game is one thing, storing them in the refridgerator I feel is a question best left for psychologists to debate in the years to come.

Nintendo, in my well experienced opinion, received the short end of the proverbial stick when it came to the licensed Jurassic Park video games. Aside from suffering from poorly designed levels that only served to aggitate players, the game simply crept. There was absolutely no sense of urgency in the Ocean made games made for the NES, GB, and SNES; they were, all four of them, appaulingly awful games. But the two SNES games, which should have, in theory, been the creme of the crop for the Nintendo platforms due to more powerful hardware, actually managed to be less enjoyable to play than the GB or NES games. Worth getting out of the way that the NES and GB games looked and played terrible in comparison to the JP games that Sega systems got. Well, not entirely true, JP for the GG wasn't great either, but a bad game in color was still better than a bad game in grayscale.

Jurassic Park for the Genesis, which was made first party by Sega, managed enough success that a remake of the game was released later with the added title of "Rampage Edition". All dinosaur games would be inheirently better if they were action packed enough to warrant a remake with the sub-title of "Rampage Edition" apparently. Jurassic Park for the Sega CD was an A/V experience that took full advantage of the Sega CD hardware giving the player an amazing point and click adventure based on an alternate ending to the movie. Again, Sega made the Sega CD game and it truly showcased what Sega CD could do, not just graphically, but with using Sega's patented "Q Sound" stereophonic simulated surround sound technology.

It's rather amazing but every Jurassic Park game made back in the day was drastically different because all of them went into production before the movie debuted in order to have them available in retail as close to movie launch as possible. The developers were completely left in the dark and forced to use Michael Crichton's novel as the bases for the story the games were to follow and only still images from the movie production to use for visual references. So needless to say, every game "based on the original movie" wound up following the Michael Crichton novel ending instead of the Steven Speilberg movie ending which left gamers around the world utterly baffled as to what was going on with the games, save for the Sega CD game which was pure awesomeness and explained itself very well.

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