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 Post subject: Super Mario
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, '10, 11:06 pm 
In honor of Super Mario's 25th anniversary, I wanted to start a thread to discuss this game of "Super Mario".

Due to it's great popularity, I'm sure many of us have played this game at one time or another. It was a very popular game for the NES system back in the 80's, etc.

I think this was the first video game that I ever played. I remember it took me forever to "beat it" and reach the finish. I had to return to it several times over a long period of time before I was even able to accomplish that. Even though it was very easy in some areas, it seemed extremely difficult in others. Did anyone else feel that way? I don't think it was just my perception of the game.

What was the easiest stage for you to play in the game? For me, I think it was the first stage. I seemed to get thru that one fairly well.

What was the hardest stage in the game for you? I seem to remember that the stage with all the bullets took me forever to accomplish.

Any particular moments or other things in the game of "Super Mario" that stand out in your memory?

What did you think of the music for "Super Mario"? It was entertaining for me at first, but became exasperating as the clock kept beating down to final seconds.

Also, which character was your favorite to use to play in the game...mario or luigi? I always used Mario for some reason...never Luigi. I don't know why. That's just the way I played it.

 Post subject: Re: Super Mario
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, '10, 11:37 pm 
The hardest stage for me was 8-1, I think. There's this really, really long jump in there. It took me forever to get across that thing.

I remember using the trick of bouncing on one of the koopa troopas for 1-ups. That was pretty fun, once I got the timing down.

 Post subject: Re: Super Mario
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, '10, 11:38 pm 
What a great game. So glad to have it on my SNES as I have All-Stars. I remember liking world 3 a lot when I was a kid.

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