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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, '14, 2:07 am 
With the Thanksgiving holiday getting nearer it is almost time for many of the stores to have their annual "Black Friday" sales promotions usually the day after Thanksgiving, however, more and more stores are beginning their sales earlier even on Thanksgiving day, so has anyone heard of any fantastic video game deals that are being offered up during these Black Friday sales? All I have heard about so far is that the new Xbox may be reduced by about $50 in some places. If anyone knows or hears of any great gaming deals during these sale periods, post here and let us know about it.

I absolutely refuse to shop on Thanksgiving day this year though. :wink: Those crowds can be brutal this time of year.

EDIT: I Found some articles listed below that contain some deals for Black Friday sales for those that may be interested. Will post any others I may find later. ... 26520.html ... 55350.html ... 07065.html

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, '14, 3:49 am 
The only Black Friday deal I might (emphasis on MIGHT) consider is a Black Friday coupon I have for Half Price Books. I seriously doubt there will be a consumer-crazed, doorbusting line outside the store on Friday, and they don't open until 7AM. Which in my opinion is still ridiculous, but compared to opening ON THANKSGIVING DAY, HPB seems to take the safety and health of their employees at least a bit more seriously than some of the big box stores do.

Other than that, I'll check for deals on Cyber Monday. Shopping from my desk chair? Priceless.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, '14, 3:39 am 
GameSlop will have all used games Buy 2, Get 1 Free. And also Vita 16GB memory cards on sale for $19.99. I may, may, pick up some otherwise overpriced used games during the sale. I did so last year, same sale offer then, and they still had a great selection at 8 a.m. when I finally got there. Definitely wouldn't mind picking up an extra Vita memory card at that price point.

Best Buy has a limited assortment of games on sale starting at $7.99, almost all console titles for Xbox 360 and PS3. And if you have a PS4 or XB1 already, a selection of games for each of those consoles will be on sale at $19.99 each, whish is a rather good deal this early in those system's lives. Also, a kinda okay deal, PS4 controllers will be on sale for $39.99. That's only a $10 (20% off) savings, but if you're considering buying a Vita TV system you really need one.

I think Tanin is right though. Many of the best deals on games this year, based on the limited adds that have already been leaked for black friday, are going to be online sales. F.Y.E. already has a big Sentai Filmworks/Maiden Japan anime sale going on and it's not even the week of Thanksgiving yet. I think that rather speaks volumes about marketing of sales this year, the economy is rather bad off, so the retailers are very likely going to fan out the sales in a categorical manner I think over the course of the next two weeks or so.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '14, 5:21 am 
Sony just put up their discounts on PSN. Nothing too interesting, though. Almost went for Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, but will not get it as I haven't even played Borderlands 2 yet. They also have a sale for co-op games, which happened to include Far Cry 3, so I grabbed that cheap to add to my digital vs. disc experiment.

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