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PostPosted: Tue Sep 1, '15, 6:25 pm 
An experiment to possibly try and find out what it may be like to live on the planet Mars has begun with a group of people being isolated in a type of dome shelter in Hawaii, on a quiet volcano, for almost a year or so. The terrain is supposed to be kind of similar to what is on Mars, or something close to that. The isolated group includes a physicist, an architect, a soil scientist, a journalist, a pilot, and an astrobiologist. It should be interesting to find out how this experiment goes and if they can actually make it through an entire year, or not!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 1, '15, 9:47 pm 
I don't know what would be worse.

I tell myself it would be fine to be so isolated if sent to another planet, while being still on Earth would make me think about all the things that are right outside, and I would miss them more in that case. I'm thinking the fact that you are in a whole new world of discoveries would leave you little interest in missing what was left behind.

But then, there is the fact that, in case of a strong enough emergency, physical/medical, or psychological, I suppose there is a point where the isolation could be broken and the affected person (or the whole team, if the experiment is considered failed then) would be allowed to exit the dome. Being on Mars would mean no easy way of simply walking out the door and taking a plane/helicopter back to civilization. Knowing one is really alone, especially for emergencies, could have a different but very harsh impact on one's mind and body.

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