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PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, '15, 5:13 pm 
This forum's weird. It ate my title and replaced it with a*.
I've drawn more stuff over the last 6 months and not bothered to really upload it anywhere. So here it is.

A new doodle of one of my own characters, Althea. She used to be a numan in an olde PS-related thing, but now she's fully human and continues her role of being a hardass and shooting and/or stabbing people. And pretty much being immortal after being blown up. Because sci-fi! My most recent. Some things wrong with it but eh, a lot of it's new to me in terms of posing and expressions.

I drew Rika...again. because I was hard up on ideas and lacked the motivation to really try. (When your job consists of sitting on your ars-butt doing nothing for all but an hour of your day most days, you tend to get lazy.) I stopped caring for this one and was just glad to get it finished.

And Claire again. Because she's awesome and I don't remember uploading this one here either. But more is better. Plus it's a redo of a 3 year old drawing. And because she doesn't get to do this stuff now on account of being dead and other mysterious stuff. :p

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 Post subject: Re: Stuff
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, '15, 8:17 pm 
Glad you are uploading art again.

I already commented on how I like the folds in Fal/Rika's clothes. Many people just ignore them but you not only include them, but make them look good.

I love the shine on the barrel in Althea's weapon. I know how difficult it is to draw expression lines. They too easily make a face look old, even if it is a kid face. It is one skill that has to always be tuned and perfected, I guess.

 Post subject: Re: Stuff
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '15, 12:25 am 
I always upload. Except for the past 6 moths or so.... :p And less so here.

Clothing seems to be a thing people notice about me sometimes. I dunno, but I feel they could be a lot better most times. But that's me. I see each and every little flaw that nobody else can.

I've also just finished a little story for Althea, above, that I may upload here. If anything but to pad out said forum, since I think it's mostly fanfics here. That, and I'm bored. :P

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