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PostPosted: Thu Apr 7, '11, 12:13 pm 
Sega's Final Fight buster was about as popular as the PS series back in the 16-bit days, but unfortunately the genre never made the transition to the later generation consoles. Fans have been working on a fan remake for years and although version 4 (released about 2 years ago) was a fun play, the definite version came out a few days ago.

The game's name is a bit of a misnomer, as it's not a remake of the first game, but more a collection package that contains all the stages, enemies and characters of the 3 SOR-games on the Genesis. (you still play through 8 stages, but multiple routes are available from the get-go and there's several path splits along the way) There's a great deal of options to customize the game, has the ability to play with a CPU partner, includes stuff that was cut from the original games and it has a truckload of unlockables including 6 additional characters (in addition to the 6 you get from the start plus the ability to play as multiple versions of some characters), additional gameplay modes and a level editor.

If you enjoyed any of the SOR games on the Genesis, you pretty much owe it to yourself to give this one a try. It's available for download at . A little's not easy. Expect to be challenged even on the lowest difficulty setting and even if you're a veteran. (there'll be a patch that contains a final few bug fixes and some difficulty tweaks later)

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