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 Post subject: Streets named after games
PostPosted: Tue Nov 9, '10, 7:09 pm 
In Spain, some streets in a newly constructed neighborhood are being named after popular video games. Last Saturday, the first of these streets was unveiled as the new "Avenida de Super Mario Bros." Some other street names based on Zelda, Sonic, and Space Harrier are planned as well. Nintendo fully supports this; they were on hand to give out Mario 25th anniversary prizes at the event.

Altogether, there are a dozen streets slated to receive video game names. There's no word on what the other names would be, so we can hold out (the perhaps unlikely) hope that Phantasy Star might be recognized.

[Via CNN]

I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty cool. I'd like to live on a Phantasy Star Avenue or a Hyrule Drive. :lol: How about you?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, '10, 12:46 am 
Mario, Sonic, and Zelda are all series with recent releases. The only recent games in the Phantasy Star series includes two unfortunate online games and one off-shoot on the DS.

Anyways, some things just should never be done, like naming streets after video games, anime, corporations (*cough* One Microsoft Way *cough*), etc.

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