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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '15, 10:17 pm 
of course the title's name is Young Americans

of course many were put off by this dramatic departure from his prior efforts, but every album since then has pretty much been a dramatic departure from efforts before it was only nods to prior efforts, to link them together.

like him or hate him, if you ever look at the biographies of your favorite Japanese videogame music or anime music composers, or even your favorite American artists who are not on television 24 seven, you will find that David Bowie is often cited as a huge inspiration.

Yes I am a fan, even the earlier things, but please do not mistake that is my ambiguous age; I am only early, quite early 30 something. I am just one of those people who cannot sit still and because of that I that wanderlust. Took me to several places early in my life that I am proud of or experiencing for the most part. and every step along the way of those misadventures, I was sure that I David Bowie either in my CD player if you remember those things, or on early MP3 players once Napster was going strong and 98 and then bit torrent blew up in 2001 with

this was Bowie's most accessible album to United States audiences at the time, but once before that are great, and the one after it is a insert expletive term, genius album.
so like the artist rate guidance, this dude's been in the history for 50 years, almost, well not almost if you count early teenage mod nonsense

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