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PostPosted: Sun Apr 4, '10, 4:46 pm 
Six common, but good recipes!

I love collecting recipes, and I thought that I would share this recipe with you! Do any of you do a lot of cooking? I used to, but these days, not so much due to busyness and such. :bang:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 4, '10, 6:33 pm 
I don't cook much. I used to do more, but I sort of feel out of the habit for various reasons. Those recipes are very good. They're more complex than anything of a similar nature I'd typically make. My chicken noodle soup would come from a can. :lol:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 4, '10, 9:12 pm 
Great topic, Lemina! Anything about food has my attention, indeed. ;)

I couldn't eat some of those dishes, but there's ways around it by using subsitutes instead (cottage cheese replacing beef for lasagna, for example).

I cook almost daily with the exception of when we go out. I love the artistic aspect of cooking; spices, flavors and textures can make enjoying food to be an out of this world experience. I have several dishes I just "made up." These include pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce tossed with asparagus, and orzo noodles in a sweet (fresh squeezed) orange teriyaki sauce. GZ seems to be happy with it, though, as he eats it up, so I guess they're tasty. :D

Everyone should learn how to make an apple pie. It's so easy, and one of the best desserts to enjoy; warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delish. And shhhhhh, but you can cheat with the crust by buying it from the grocery store. ;)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 5, '10, 6:06 pm 
Real cooks do make up their own recipes---I wish that I had the imagination to make up stuff for myself.

Are you vegetarian, Rune? There are some recipes where you don't even need the meat. I always make lasagna without meat--you just add some eggs to the cheese mixture. That fluffs up the cheese. Also, don't forget to drain the ricotta. Otherwise, your cheese will end up soppy.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 6, '10, 6:05 pm 
Those are some good recipes. Thanks for sharing them with us. :yes:

I used to collect recipes also. Some I eventually tried and many more I never got around to trying.

I don't really cook that much any more. For one thing, it's just easier to fix something more simplier these days. Sometimes just a sandwich and chips or hotdog and chips or something.

Another thing is that since I don't do a lot of cooking anymore, I don't have a lot of those ingredients on hand and when you come right down to it, some of those items can be expensive if you have to buy a lot of them at one time.

Also, if you are cooking for several people that like to eat a lot of food like that, it's fine, but it seems everyone in my family likes different things to eat, so a lot of it would just go to waste.

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