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PostPosted: Sat Jun 2, '18, 12:58 am 
I have been browsing through some old papers and files today throwing away what I don't need or want to keep any longer, and happened upon my copy of the Strategy Guide Book for The Super Mario 3 video game. It brought to mind some fun old memories of playing the game years ago. If I remember correctly, I had already beaten the game by the time I bought the strategy guide book but then went back and played the game again this time using the strategy guide and focusing on things that I may have missed or overlooked before.

It was fun today looking at the pictures in the guide. And, yes, it did make me want to play the game again, lol.

It also got me to thinking about other strategy guides. Did anyone else here get the Super Mario strategy guide, or any other strategy guides for video games? If so, did they help you out in any way in playing the game?

Needless to say I am keeping my Super Mario 3 strategy guide and not throwing it away!! :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '18, 11:29 am 
Interesting question ! I have lot of strategy games in my Library BUT I haven't read one for so long ! Must read them again ! In fact I've bought a lot but as far as I can remember...I haven't use the m a lot at all ! It was more for the collection...but it's really great to remember great things bout great games ! :)

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