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PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, '13, 1:14 pm 
Some games lose their luster after the years go by. The new games in the industry force us to think in new ways, and older games fade into obscurity and are forgotten. However, there are some games that hold their place in gaming history and
continue to be fun, years, or even decades later.

Gunstar Heroes is one of these games. I recently played this game on PSN again. It was made in 1993, (20 years ago), and it's still a fantastic game that kept me glued to my TV for hours and hours. The fast paced shooting, beautiful graphics (for it's time), and excellent soundtrack have not aged one bit.

Finishing off a boss with 7 vitality left will have you breathing deep sighs of relief as you await the next confrontation. Excellent enemy designs (like Seven Force) always keep things interesting and force you to push on to see what awaits you next.

I really can't say enough good things about Gunstar Heroes. It's one of my favorite retro games, and it's comforting to know that it still holds up today.

Treasure knocked it out of the park with this game.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, '13, 3:27 pm 
Gunstar Heroes is, indeed, quite a game. It's too bad their other run and gun, Alien Soldier, never got a cartridge release in the US.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, '13, 11:10 pm 
I played a ROM of Alien Soldier. I thought it was okay, but it just didn't quite measure up to Gunstar Heroes in my opinion. It felt a little too stiff in the controls. Gunstar Heroes is more smooth, and at least it had some kind of story. Alien Soldier was just boss fight after boss fight.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 3, '14, 11:18 am 
Alien Soldier is one of the hardest games I've never tried ! (see that I don't say : I've finished as I doubt that any normal human can finish it ! :rofl: ) And as I don't like hard games (you know !!!!^^) : it was never released in the US ?? I didn't know about this matter of fact ! As the games was launched in Europe, I was sure that there was an US version...
..but this is a great game is Gunstar Heroes !

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