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PostPosted: Tue May 6, '08, 10:43 pm 
Spielberg has quite a career in the movie industry, but it seems he is interested in video games as well: ... main_N.htm

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PostPosted: Wed May 7, '08, 10:51 pm 
It'll be interesting to see if he does make games with good stories and characters, as he said he wanted to do. Family games are okay, but I'd much rather see his talents applied to an RPG or a game with a greater story.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, '08, 7:37 pm 
I saw a commercial for this game last week, so I guess it's out now. It didn't look too bad, but it seems to be just another family puzzle type thing. What I saw reminded me a little of Tetris and that game with the stack of blocks where you try to pull a block out without making the whole stack fall.

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