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 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, '15, 4:36 pm 
Aeroprism, Tweeg, I fully understand you two, I feel the same regarding Star Trek and Star Wars.

It is not that I would not want to see another Star Wars movie. I love some of the Expanded Universe material before Disney decided to wipe it and it would have been great to see the Heir to the Empire trilogy on the movie screen, but I would not have expected that to happen.

Truth is, I think it was the Expanded Universe that kept the franchise alive (unlike Star Trek where it was more addition information), adding more lore, characters, events to the universe and it was great that this was all sort of official (though there was plenty of crap too, believe me).

I feel that a lot more writers, artists and so on added better material than Lucas to the universe. Lucas was of course the founder, the provider of the toys so to speak, but it was by the efforts of others that a lot of these got better developed, even back when the movies were released such as Brian Daley's Han Solo Adventures, West End Games RPG modules and so on.
These added more history and mystery to the universe.

That effort was never felt in Lucas' prequel trilogy, especially when he wanted to explain the Force scientifically (Midi Chlorians) after Lucas probably read about something similar taking place in the real world (don't know the name of these organisms within cells but look it up)
The quality of his stories was also really lacking.

With the original EU all but gone I think the Star Wars universe feels pretty bland when it is based on just the six movies and the Clone Wars animation series (and the people of the Clone Wars series weren't hesitant to copy stuff from the EU universe)

Another thing is that I have absolutely no faith any more in most Hollywood writers of today.
I don't know what it is, perhaps writers in the decades before worked better because of restraints or limitations, or because they got a writing course more focused on studying printed classics and literature, where as the writers of today seem to take more their 'inspiration' and knowledge on how to write movies from other movies.
Good organic story telling seems to be a dying genre, being replaced more and more by visual spectacle or such distractions as sexual tension, on liners, references, and so on.
Those can be used but not to often, only when it is appropriate, and never to drive a plot.

I think the new Star Wars will be visually impressive but story wise will be lacking, the plot struggling to get somewhere while the actors (who may have good acting talent) have to deal with sub par character scripts that have difficulty portraying actor characters as real people.

Star Trek also really suffered because of this. First of all I don't think there should have been a reboot, and if a reboot was really considered necessary that the producers and writers should simply have gone for an new 'origin' / 'First mission' story, and cut out all the nonsense of time travel and actual reference to parallel universes/alternate timelines.
This universe is simply there, no explanation necessary, no connection to the old Star Trek universe in any way because the characters will have whole different adventures and will develop in a whole different way.

Instead there are these constant references to the old Star Trek universe, characters like Khan lifted because he was so iconic in The Wrath of Khan and that is what a lot of non ST fans often recall next to the other Star Trek memes like "Beam me up Scotty"

So far this whole reboot feels more like an excuse just to tell the old stories all over again instead of doing something new (okay, there are just two movies out so far, but in the comic series which was suppose to be canon this happens frequently)

I find the whole new Star Trek movies a waste of time and money.
Star Trek always worked better as a television series, so if the studio people really wanted to bring back Star Trek they should have done so on the small screen, and not the big screen where they knew they had to lower the quality of the script to the most lowest common movie goer.

Personally I think with all the reboots and sequels going on that the people of Hollywood realize that the end is nearby because of their refusal to innovate and do something new.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, when something because to bloated and struggling to survive it is sometimes better to put it out of its misery.

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 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Sun Oct 4, '15, 5:34 am 
Well, that auction of "Star Wars" memorabilia that I posted about previously has finally happened and it looks like Princess Leia's gold bikini has sold for over $90,000.00: ... cid=AARDHP

And, that wasn't even the item that brought in the most money from the auction either!

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, '15, 11:54 pm 
New trailor is out for the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie, and this movie continues to set new records even though it has not even officially been released yet. Way to go, Star Wars!! Is anyone surprised? ... 33239.html‘star-wars-the-force-awakens’-shatters-ticket-sales-records/ar-AAfF5We?ocid=ansmsnent11

What does everyone think of the new "Star Wars": The Force Awakens" trailor?

There is going to be lots of action in this movie for certain! It is so good to see Chewbacca and Han Solo and all the gang together again. I can't wait to see this movie!

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, '15, 5:07 am 
Please, God, let this movie be better than the prequels. I'm begging you. Don't let The Force Awakens suck.

I've accepted it's not going to be The Empire Strikes Back-good. But please God let this movie be better than Revenge of the Sith (the least-bad prequel.)

At the very least, please God let this movie be better than Star Trek: Into Darkness.

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Fri Nov 6, '15, 7:13 pm 
Another new trailor out for the upcoming "Star Wars" movie. Man, this one looks good!!! ... cid=AARDHP

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Sun Nov 8, '15, 7:41 pm 
Just saw this short TV trailor for the new "Star Wars" movie. Not much there, but it looks good anyway. Anything with Harrison Ford looks good. :wink: ... cid=AARDHP

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, '15, 4:19 pm 
Well I've recently caught a Star Wars bug. Been playing a lot of Star Wars-themed toy boxes on Disney Infinity 3.0 and I bought Empire (my fav of the trilogy) on Disney Movies Anywhere.

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Wed Dec 2, '15, 11:52 pm 
I don't remember if we have talked about this here before nor not, but does anyone here remember, or have any of, the old original "Star Wars" trading cards?

Here are a few interesting bits of information I saw recently about the trading cards and thought I would share it here in case anyone may have any of them: ... 66382.html

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, '15, 4:02 pm 
can't wait to see this new movie. been hearing a lot about it.

 Post subject: Re: Star Wars
PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, '15, 9:14 pm 
Been hearing a lot on TV news about the new "Star Wars" movie breaking records at the box office, etc. Really, is this a surprise to anyone?? Certainly every "Star Wars" fan and any other movie goer should have been able to figure this was going to happen before the movie even came out, lol.

If anyone sees the movie, let us know what you thought of it, without giving too much away that is because I want to be surprised when I finally do get to see it.

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