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 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Mon Jul 4, '16, 7:52 pm 
One more quick bit of Star Trek Online-related goodness as we approach Star Trek: Beyond's release.

A new batch of missions (the Yesteryear War arc) was added to the test server, along with a new NPC vessel, the USS Yorktown. This came as a surprise to me because, well... originally Cryptic Studios didn't have the license to put anything from the new movies into the game.

The official type for the ship in-game is the Kelvin Timeline Constitution-class Heavy Command Cruiser. I don't want to say the Kelvin Constitution looks amazing, but oh my God you guys the Kelvin Constitution looks *AMAZING*

(Unfortunately, this also means the USS Vengeance Vengeance-class Kelvin Timeline Intelligence Dreadnought Cruiser is also in the game. This looks less amazing because the Vengeance somehow manages to look worse than the original designs for the Tier 5 ships.)

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 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, '16, 4:57 pm 
Terrific video Snorb! Thanks for posting that. The sight of those fantastic Star Trek ships never fails to excite my heart! Actually, I think the ships are sometimes more exciting than the characters (people) of Star Trek, if you know what I mean.

 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, '16, 5:08 pm 
I just wish the ship was rarer than what Cryptic said it was; they said that it would be a rare item from a Kelvin Timeline Lockbox (lockboxes are how they hand out rare items) but when I logged in to do the Agents of Yesterday tutorial, I swear I saw like thirty "[player] has acquired a [T6] Kelvin Timeline Constitution-class Starship!" over the course of an hour. Cryptic must be handing them out like candy or something. I dunno.

This other thing about Agents of Yesterday I do need to put in spoilers for I think the one other person here who's played it:

[Reveal] Spoiler: Agents of Yesterday Spoiler
You remember the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J? The Universe class starship that's two miles long? You know, that ship from that one episode of Star Trek: Enterprise that showed up for like two minutes?

It's in the game. Specifically, the PvE queue "The Battle of Procyon V."

To be fair, right now the Universe class starship is an NPC only starship (and the only NPC Universe is the Enterprise J) but people are wanting to have one.

And yes, the ship is indeed two miles long. Just for comparison, Starfleet's newest exploration vessel, the Odyssey class cruiser, is "only" 1000m long.

 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, '16, 7:55 pm 
Well, the new "Star Trek" movie will soon be out and I have seen lots of discussion about something that will be in the movie, but if you don't want to know before the movie comes out, then don't read below, although some comments will be in spoiler mode, if possible.




Reports say that the character of Sulu will be revealed to be gay in the new movie. Actor George Takei has spoken out about this: ... cid=AARDHP

I must say that I have to agree for the most part with Mr. Takei. I wish they had left the character of Sulu as he was and as we have known him for all these years. I really hate it when they try and change a beloved character after so many years, no matter how they want to try and change him or her. I agree that introducing a new character would probably have been a better way to go, but that is only my opinion.

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 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, '16, 12:13 am 
For those who love the original "Star Trek" tv series, you may be interested in the following if you are able to get this channel: ... e-in-years

I have never heard of this channel before but would surely love to see these "Star Trek" episodes again. I am going to have to buy the DVD set one of these days.

And, another bit of "Star Trek" news. It seems that there will be a "Star Trek 4" movie coming soon: ... 59712.html

I just love that Thor is playing Captain Kirk's father. :lol: :wink:

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 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, '16, 3:28 am 

This is the first preview of the USS Discovery, the ship from the new Star Trek series:

Along with the new series' confirmed title, which I'm gonna spoil so you have to see the video: Star Trek: Discovery


I'm gonna see Star Trek Beyond on Monday. I'm a bit irritated that the new commercial for the movie gives away a major plot point about the villain, Krall. Movie looks good, though. Certainly better than Into Darkness.

 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, '16, 1:40 am 
A little late commenting on this. Sorry about that. That video of the ship above looks awesome Snorb! Star Trek ships are always exciting! Sounds like a great title too. I can hardly wait! It will be great having a "Star Trek" series back on TV again!

And, some sad news, in that another "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" character actor has passed away. Actor Barry Jenner, who played the role of Admiral Ross, has died at age 75. ... cid=AARDHP

Condolences to his family. :tombstone: :rose:

 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, '16, 7:28 pm 
People are complaining about what the Discovery looks like; it's based on the infamous rejected Ralph McQuarrie Enterprise concept design from the unproduced movie Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. (I'm not linking a picture of the "McQuarrieprise" here because, seriously, that thing is Monday Morning Ugly.)

The irony is I love the Discovery design while hating the McQuarrie Enterprise. (It's not the Defiant, the Sovereign, the NX, the Odyssey, or the Kelvin Timeline Constitution, but I'll take it.)

Anyway. Lots of Star Trek chat to follow immediately below.


Original crews. Original villains. Original heroes. Original worlds.

Fifty dollars, and this is the remastered version of each Original Series episode. That means the physical model Enterprise is replaced with a better-looking CGI one, the music was rerecorded, and there's no more re-use of the same "Enterprise orbits a planet that looks oddly like Earth" stock shot! (Granted, Spock's Brain is still on Season Three Disc 1...)


This was forty bucks at a nearby estate sale. (They also had TNG and Voyager, but BBC America practically has a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon every day that's not Wednesday, and I'm not going to pay $$$ for Voyager. Too bad this guy didn't have Enterprise...) This picture was taken, for reference, on the passenger seat of my (thankfully air-conditioned) car in the middle of a New Jersey summer with a pen and my MP3 player for size reference. The things I go through for Best Trek.


This is the Pioneer class utility cruiser, your starter ship if you are a TOS Federation character in Star Trek Online:


There are other ships available that were clearly inspired by the Original Series (the Daedalus class science vessel, Perseus class escort, Gemini class cruiser, Ranger class battlecruiser, and, of course, the one the only the Constitution class command cruiser... plus a bunch of bowling-shoe-ugly 29th century temporal vessels. I'm looking at YOU, Sagittarius class...) but the Pioneer is a fine vessel for boldly going in the year 2270.

Playing the new missions introduced in Agents of Yesterday is very much like an interactive TOS episode, right down to the film grain filter over the gameplay. You get to meet the Enterprise crew-- Walter Koenig recorded new lines as Captain Pavel Chekov, and you can talk to each TOS crewmember (save Kirk; they couldn't afford Shatner's likeness or voice.) Each mission is a callback to a classic episode (to the point where the actual dialogue from a certain scene in Journey to Babel was recycled, so we get to hear Mark Lenard as Sarek once more!)

Oh, and that final mission objective in "The Battle of Caleb II." Five minutes of just what it means to be in the captain's chair. The objective is Good Luck and Godspeed. Your character heroically volunteers to stay behind and face certain death fighting an armada of Klingons so the rest of the fleet can get out of Dodge; Commander Kor even praises you for this, saying "At least ONE Starfleet captain knows the meaning of honor!" before you fight his flagship and escorts. Your objective is to survive five minutes of infinitely-respawning Klingon battlecruisers. You are not expected to survive.

Only complaint is that, when customizing your uniform, any rank braid above the rank of Lieutenant Commander does not display on your uniform's sleeves. (This is because your first objective after being brought forward in time to 2410 is to get an Odyssey uniform so your character can blend in.)


Star Trek Beyond was awesome. Best of the three Kelvin Timeline movies. Saucer section of the Enterprise was weaponized most gloriously by Kirk and Chekov. Scotty had some nice interaction with Jaylah. Spock, of all people, had the single funniest line in the movie. The destruction of the Enterprise didn't really touch me as much as it did in The Search For Spock or Generations, but at least it fought back this time (cough Into Darkness)

Leonard Nimoy's death was written into the movie; two Vulcans approach Spock and tell him that Spock Prime died off-screen. Among his possessions that we see at the end of the movie is a photo of the Original Series crew, which was a repurposed Star Trek V publicity photo, so we get to see the full TOS crew one last time.

And yes, the movie was indeed "in loving memory of LEONARD NIMOY" and "For ANTON."


According to Bryan Fuller, Star Trek: Discovery is set in the 2250s, ten years before Star Trek: The Original Series.

The main character is a human female, but not the Discovery's captain ("We've had six series from the captain's POV.")

Broadcast Standards and Practices has no bearing on Discovery (the main draw of making the show for CBS All Access.)

Season One is 13 episodes. There is an overall story arc, and each episode has a standalone story.

The crew will have more aliens than the other series.

There will be a gay character.

The show's background event is not the Romulan War, the Battle of Axanar, the loss of the Kobayashi Maru, or the dealings of Section 31 (Starfleet's clandestine black ops division.)

The official abbreviation for the show is "DSC."

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 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Fri Sep 9, '16, 12:41 am 
Happy 50th Anniversary to "Star Trek" on today September 08, 2016! The original "Star Trek" tv series premiered 50 years ago today, and the rest as they say is history! Although the original series only lasted for about three years, it has spawned countless other TV series, Movies, etc.

A special tribute to original members of the "Star Trek" crew who are no longer with us as they have passed on including actor James Doohan as "Scotty", actor Leonard Nimoy as "Spock", actor Deforrest Kelly as "Dr. Leonard McCoy or Bones". They will forever be in our hearts! And also the creator of "Star Trek" Gene Roddenberry and his wife Majel (sp?) Roddenberry. So many others as well that I can't remember them all. A special nod to actor Jeffrey Hunter as "Captain Pike" !

Star Trek will always have a place in our Trekkie hearts!

Happy 50th Anniversary!

 Post subject: Re: Star Trek
PostPosted: Fri Sep 9, '16, 4:08 am 
So, as a fun bit of Star Trek: 50th Anniversary news for the day, some of the production staff for Discovery found recordings in the Paramount archives Majel Barrett made of every phonetic sound in the English language. Bryan Fuller said that if they wanted to, they could string the phonemes together and she would be able to reprise the role of the Starfleet computer voice (despite having died eight years ago.)

Granted, she would sound kind of like Siri/Cortana, but the show IS a prequel to The Original Series, so they could just wave that off as "it's 2255, they didn't get it right yet."

Personally, I just want to hear her voice start the second half of a two-parter just to hear "Last time on Star Trek: Discovery" and "And now, the conclusion."

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