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PostPosted: Mon Sep 7, '15, 7:56 pm 
September 7th is a day for one Official holiday in the USA in the form of Labor Day, and one Official Holiday in Brazil (Brazil Independence Day), and several unofficial holidays being recognized as follows:

(1)Neither Snow Nor Rain Day

If you are thinking this day has anything to do with weather, think again, because it really is about something else. This day celebrates the day in 1914 when the New York Post Office opened. If you recall, the saying "Neither Snow Nor Rain" is often thought of with mail delivery, etc.

(2)Grandma Moses Day

Grandma Moses was in fact a real person. Her name was Anna Mary Robertson Moses and she was born on September 7, 1860, and lived to be over 100 years young. She was a painter, among other things. Find out more about Grandma Moses at the link below:

(3)National Acorn Squash Day

(4)National Salami Day

(5)Brazil Independence Day

A National Holiday celebrated in Brazil every year on September 7th.

(6)Labor Day in the USA. See our Labor Day topic post for more on this holiday.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 7, '22, 4:23 pm 
Remembering all these days again this year!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 8, '22, 12:18 pm 
To everyone : happy Brazil Independence, Grandma Moses and all the other Nationa Day(s) ! Too many each day ! :o

PostPosted: Thu Sep 7, '23, 11:14 pm 
Happy celebrations for all these days today, Thursday, Sept.07, 2023!

Especially to our friends and members here who are in in Brazil, tilinelson2 and H-Man.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 8, '23, 11:29 am 
So from me it's gonna be happy celebrations for all these days yesterday ! ;)

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