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PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, '09, 11:37 am 
Update: February 27, 2009

Greetings once again, my Followers!

No new pictures today. Sorry, gang. However, as I mentioned over in the Shoutbox, I do have a Contest started up, and I'd appreciate it if some of you would at least take a look at it. Who knows? You could win something.

In other news, the "something different" thing I mentioned before wasn't too different, really. Simply put, I've experimented with a combo of Ink and Coloured Pencils. And by that, I mean that I'm using Black Ink Pens instead of black coloured pencils now for drawings. I think that it gives them a more consistant layer of black, which makes for a deeper colour. Although, I've been thinking about using both, for characters that have near-black shades. It might work, it might not; I'll try it someday.

And in other news...uh...Trenzer will have a fit for saying this, but...I've got some 'digital artwork' that I wouldn't mind showing you guys. I'm sure that you guys will appreciate it when you see it.

And I do believe that's it for today. Feel free to comment, reply, or whatever.

-- DrkTr14ce

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '09, 10:10 pm 
Contest? I'll have to take a look~ :makes way to shoutbox: And I'd love to see your digital artwork!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '09, 12:44 am 
Update: March 31, 2009

Greetings, my friends! From the frozen State up North, I bring you partial updates!
Since you may have been wondering where I've been this whole time, I've been up here in Minnesota (Occasionally referred to as 'Southern Canada' by the residents. Seriously.) For nearly two weeks now, I've been visiting relatives, spending my hard-earned cash on games, and then getting the Flu just Yesterday. Well, I think that it was the Flu. It did involve vomiting, headaches, muscle soreness...and I wasn't the only one who got it. But I feel fine now.

I've Done two 'Redux' drawings of two previous drawings: Marco and Protoman as they appeared in Capcom Vs. SNK: Card Fighter's Clash. Personally, I think that these new versions look much better as a whole.

I have finally finished the Zio drawing. No, you did not read that one wrong. I finished the darn thing today, actually, since I was able to get back onto a computer. And while I was at it, I did also draw a 'Redux' of Alys for the heck of it. Though if all goes to plan, I do plan on giving that drawing to a certain member of Psalgo...

Hmm. I think that's it, really. Unless you want to read about a guy ranting about how much Dial-Up sucks. Until next time, my friends!

-- DrkTr14ce
A.k.a. Kahrne Annabelle Lee

PostPosted: Fri Apr 3, '09, 12:56 pm 
Nice, I look forward to seeing your Zio drawing!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, '09, 3:26 pm 
From the great yet eerily sunny lands of England, I bring to you a long overdue update!

Update: June 19, 2009

Ok, in case no one's paying attention, I've released a few new pieces of artwork to my Deviant Art page.
I hope that they're to your guy's satisfaction. ... -124850378 ... -126264192

And while I'm thinking about it..
http://hardcoreeskimokisses.deviantart. ... -120479036

It's exactly what you think it is. Someone was nice enough to do a real needlepoint of my drawing of "Link Can't Wait". I've already done "I'd Hit That" as a sort of 'thank you' to her for that, and she's planning on doing my newest one, "Link's So Hungry", as a needlepoint as well.

Keep an eye on her, for some day I may even convince her to do a Phantasy Star needlepoint. And if she does...I'll break out the suit and sunglasses and go play Bodyguard, 'cause I'm sure you guys would go nuts over that. I mean, look at how you all reacted over my work.

Signing out for now.

Aka Kahrne Annabelle Lee

(Edit) Swear word edited out. Sorry for the inconveniance, Thoul. If anything else needs changing, alert me ASAP.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, '09, 4:28 pm 
I especially loved the first pic on this new update Drk. It's very classy! :up:

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, '09, 5:36 pm 
Darkil wrote:I especially loved the first pic on this new update Drk. It's very classy! :up:
Classy? Hmm. I wasn't aware that double entendes could be considered that.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, '09, 7:20 am 

Just thought I'd get that across.

Anyways..seeing as how I finally got a PS1 Emulator a bit ago, and have been testing it with the games I actually have*, I've been meaning to track down a few more games. Would anyone be willing to make a suggestion?
Here's what I have so far:
Castlevania: SoTN
Dragon Quest VII
Final Fantasy VII (Not liking it, honestly.)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Lunar Silver Star Story
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
(..What? I'm a sucker for Nippon Ichi and their games.)

Any games, be it RPG, Action, Adventure, Shooter, whichever. Although I'll ask that you provide for me either a link to a description on it, or give a detailed enough one on your own. Thanks in advance.

Aka Kahrne Annabelle Lee

*(Yeah, this one plays either ROMs or the actual game discs. Semi-legality Ftw.)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, '10, 11:17 pm 
Okay, I've never seen this thread before, but anyway...

Are the Restrictions and Limitations still in effect?

Also... if this is really that difficult for you, assuming you're up to it, with the sprite sheet, I can make these too.

*: Try Tales of Destiny, Atelier Marie/Elie, Summon Night 1/2, Breath of Fire 3, Super Robot Taisen, Wild Amrs, Xenogears, Star Ocean, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 2, Parasite Eve, ***

* Warcraft 2. If you leave that out, I will refuse to acknowledge your existance until I actually erase your existance***

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