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PostPosted: Mon Feb 7, '11, 3:24 pm
Weeks later.

Prince Nial, followed by his loyal androids Mieu and Wren plus the Layan rebel Ryan and Laya, the legendary Laya´s younger sister, made their their way to the purple moon Dahila. Arriving there, Lune was expecting them to fight them to death. After fighting their way through the dangerous dungeon maze, the group was finally facing the legendary Layan general.

Alair stood locked in her room. She was anxious and confused. Anxious because of the ongoing war. She sought peace and failed. She regretted not staying with Nial. She thought she could convince her brother to stop the war, but she was utterly ignored by him. She was also confused because she had learned that this time it wasn't a Orakian-Layan war, there were Layans fighting her brother as well. She couldn't wish bad things for her brother, but deep inside she wished that he was defeated.

The battle has very fierce, with Lune clearly overpowering his opponents, but the team work of the opponents started making the difference when all the combatants started to feel tired. A crippled Lune was no match for five strong opponents and, despite the shame, he had to surrender to his opponents.

“Laya´s sister! I have no wish to fight you! The war is at an end! I´ll recall my armies!”

“Finally!” Laya rejoiced. “The peace my sister always dreamed with has come today!”

“No more struggles between Orakians and Layans, we will live at peace from now on! Mieu, Wren, I order you to never attack again a Layan.” Nial acted as the ruler of both people. “Lune, you will swear you and all the Layans will never attack an Orakian again!”

“I swear. I have to thank you for rescuing my sister back them.”

“I just did what was my duty. Well, I think it is time to finally unite Orakians and Layans as just one people.”

“Prince Nial, forgive me for interrupting you. I have been told you have a difficult choice. I can see Laya wishes to be with you, but you can have Alair as well. It is your right, as a conqueror of Dahila.”

“Alair...” Nial was not expecting that news. “I think I´ll have to think about that.”

“Take your time, my lord.”

“You don´t need to call me lord, Lune.”

“As you conquered us fairly in the war, I can´t do anything else. You are our lord from now on.”

“Well, be the way you wish.”

Lune returned back to his room, where Alair was kept locked, in safety. At the sight of her brother, wounded, she was startled, with her heart racing like mad inside her chest.

“What happened, dear brother?”

“We were conquered by that damned Orakian prince.”

“Peace, at last!”

“How can you rejoice when we had just been defeated?”

“It doesn´t matter for me. It only matters that there will not be Layans killing Orakians and Orakians killing Layans anymore.”

“Well, you must be happy that now you can marry that wretched Orakian. You bring shame to us, wishing the Orakians defeated us. Well, I think every Layan but me has brought shame to Laya. That rogue, Ryan, is with them.”

“I bet he was just thinking in the good of the planet.”

“Good, eh? Now I am the villain. Well, to make it worse, Laya, our Lady´s sister was with them.”

“Laya? That are excellent news! See, you are the only one who was against them. We should have stopped this stupid rivalry between our people and their people a thousand years ago. Better late than never.”

“That damned girl seems to be in love with that Orakian. I wonder what our lady Laya would think about that.”

“Oh, really? Well... I´d like to talk with them...”

“You won´t. I´ve offered you to that damned Orakian, as it is his right, but you won´t talk with him.”

“Offered me?”

“Yes. But forget about talking with that rascal. I forbid that.”

Alair started crying. She had to face a terrible reality. She was being treated as a spoil of war by her brother. He had offered her to Nial because he considered Nial as a conqueror of Dahila. Although Alair had developed a liking for Nial, she wanted to know him better. “I´d like to marry him even if it was just to end this stupid Layan - Orakian war. I´d like to know him better, he seems to be a good man. He is handsome as well, but I think we could build together a brighter future for everyone. But he has Laya... she is more charming, prettier, more powerful. She has free access to him. If he marries her, it will be because he really likes her. If he marries me, it will be because I´m his property now. I´m just part of the spoils of the war. That is not fair, Laya, our Holy Lady. That is not fair... Life is not fair.” Alair broke down in tears and stayed crying for the rest of the day, not eating, not talking to anyone.

On the following day, Nial came to Lune and announced he had made up his mind. Lune obliged Alair to dress herself with her best dress and be ready for an audience with prince Nial. Alair was feeling so bad, depressed, hopeless, that she preferred to be left alone, but she knew she was just an object for her brother. She was now Nial property, her fate was at his hands. She dressed herself in a stunning white gown, combed her hair the best way possible and waited at the Dahila´s castle main hall, seated on a chair by Lune´s right side. Though her looks were amazing, she had something on her face that betrayed a deep feeling of sadness and pain.

After some minutes, that seemed like years to Alair, Nial was announced by the guards and taken to the castle´s main hall. At the first glimpse of him, she knew her fate was already sealed, she couldn´t hide her tears. Nial entered the hall hand-in-hand with Laya.

“Lune, I came here to announce my decision. Though you and I were enemies until yesterday, now we are at peace and I treat you with all the respect and consideration I have. I was honored by your proposal of me marrying your honorable sister Alair, but I cannot betray my feelings.” Both Nial and Laya stared at Alair, who was weeping. Nial paused for a moment, Laya swallowed hard. “Though your sister is an admirable lady, I had not the opportunity of knowing her, I can´t marry her, that would not be fair. I´ll marry Laya and honor her forever as my wife. At last, our people are joined together!”

“Our marriage will bring peace to all.” Laya said these words as she stared Nial with her eyes filled with admiration and love.

“So be it, prince Nial. You have made your choice, it is your right. Honor your choice the best way you can.”

The happy couple left thanked Lune and left. Alair, in tears, left the main hall crying, desperate. She would never see Nial again, as they left the purple moon on the same day. Alair was facing the greatest shame a Layan woman could face. She was rejected as a spoil of war. If marrying Nial was not the thing she wanted most in her life, being rejected by him meant eternal shame. No one would marry her. She would be treated as an object, a thing to be shameful for. Her name would never be mentioned anymore outside Dahila. She´d never be allowed to meet anyone. She was just a filthy object, that could not be thrown away, but that caused such a great shame that everyone wished it just didn't exist. Alair wished she had died in captivity.
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