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PostPosted: Mon Feb 7, '11, 3:22 pm
For those few who missed my bleak fanfics, I'm back to my original style :p

The green-haired woman took the spaceship in order to return to the purple moon. She had just been released from captivity and she had just one idea in her mind. She would do anything to stop the ongoing war. But she knew the task would not be easy. “How will I convince my brother to stop this war?” Easier said than done, the young woman used the time of the voyage to imagine arguments to use against his brother, counterarguments to refute his answers, but to no avail. She knew that, when she faced her brother, the conversation would take an unplanned route and she´d have to be very careful to not let the things get completely out of her hands.

Alair released a deep sigh and decided to watch the stars through the small window on her side. The automatic spaceship flew fast to the programmed destination. She was one of the few who knew the secrets of their spaceship planet. She was one of the few who had known Laya and Orakio. More than that, she was the only female company of the holy Laya and her sister, so she knew things only her and Laya´s younger sister knew. She was also saddened by the things she learned about her fellow Layans while she was being held in captivity by Orakians.

Finally the ship sped down. The lights on the panel demanded her to buckle the seat belts. She did so and the ship gradually slowed down till it touched the artificial moon´s surface. “Back to Dahila. But I can´t say I feel relieved. It is time to face my brother...”. Alair unfastened the seat belts, waited for the automatic door to open and climbed down the stairs. She was back again in the solitary moon who served as her home, or prison, in the last 1,000 years. She walked slowly through the castle aisles, anticipating what would not be a pleasant conversation with her brother. As she entered the castle main hall, she was stopped by one of the guards. He called another guard, who entered the room to announce her to her brother Lune.

“I can´t believe I am being treated like that in my own home.”

“Forgive me, lady Alair, but your brother Lune has given us orders to not let anyone inside without his permission.”

“I see. Well, there is nothing we can´t do about it, right? I´m just his little sister...”

The guard sighed at the sarcastic remark of the woman. After a minute of waiting, the guard returned, giving permission for Alair to enter her brother´s room. She entered the room reluctantly, afraid of what would be her brother´s mood. As she caught a glimpse of his face, she released a sigh of relief as he looked content to see her back.

“Alair! My dear sister! Thank Laya you are back, safe and sound!”

“Oh, brother, it is over! We can end this terirble war now.”

“End the war? Never! We should have crushed these damned followers of Orakio in the first opportunity. No one will stop me now. I´ll only stop when this disgraceful race is completely wiped out from our planet.”

“No, brother, please, stop this war. I´m back, you don´ t have reasons to fight them anymore.” Alair already realized she had lost the control of the situation.

“No reasons? I was there when that devil killed most of our people. Don´t you remember, he was the one who trapped us here. He was the one that killed our beloved Laya. Now, the wretched descendants of that unholy man are still trying to kill us. I can´t leave this treacherous act unpunished. They will learn for once and for all to not mess with us Layans.”

“Please, brother, don´t do that. Not every Orakian is evil.”

“Not every Orakian is evil? What do you have in your mind, stupid sister? They have just kidnapped you and you are on their side.”

“It is true that they kidnapped be, but it was a good and fair Orakian prince who released me from captivity. They apologized for their mistake. It is over, I don´t hold a grudge against them.”

“Good and fair and Orakian can´t be used in the same sentence unless there is a negative word linking them.”

“No, he was really good, fair, he treated me well, he was respectful.”

“Alair!” Lune slapped the face of her sister with the back of his hand. “Did you fall in love with a damned Orakian! I can´t believe that, my own sister!”

“I... I... didn´t...” Alair couldn´t hold back the tears. “But.. but... he is fair and good!”

“Alair!” Lune raised his hand at his sister again. “You bring shame to my family! You bring shame to Laya´s memory associating yourself with a damned Orakian! I´d rather see you dead than making love to a damned Orakian.”

“You don´t know what you are talking about. Don´t pretend you didn´t know, Laya herself was in love...” Alair eyed her brother in a defiantly manner.

“Shut up!” Lune slapped her sister again, this time being such a strong blow that threw her Alair to the floor, where she stood weeping. “If you say that again of our beloved Laya, I promise I´ll kill you! It doesn´t matter if you are my sister or not, I can´t let someone who professes the greatest blasphemy against Laya alive!”

“Lune... listen to me...”

“Enough of you! Guards! Take Alair out of my sight or I´ll have to take drastic measures!”

Four guards entered the room and dragged Alair out of the castle´s main hall. Lune just turned his back to his sister. “Brother...” Alair screamed to no avail. “Laya, oh Laya, why did the things went this far?” She knew that as as long as she had a father, a brother or a husband, she would just be a powerless and useless Layan woman.
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