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 Post subject: Splice
PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, '10, 12:37 pm 
Madman Entertainment (those guys that feed Australians anime after anime) are giving another movie a cinema release. Only this time it’s not an anime movie, it’s a sci-fi thriller called "Splice".

Brief rundown it’s basically about two young scientists mixing human DNA with that of animals and creating a hybrid creature. Sounds quite similar to the creation of the Numan race does it not? The main creature is called Dren and she’s female so I immediately related this to Neifirst, and again my Phantasy Star fanboy-ism kicks in. :lol:

It actually looks quite interesting and I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but yet again this is another one of those movies not coming to a cinema near me, so I’ll have to wait for a DVD release. :grumpy:

Just a note: The trailer contains some creepy / disturbing content:

And here is the Madman website page: ... seId=13966

 Post subject: Re: Splice
PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, '10, 8:49 pm 
Sounds interesting. The premise of mixing human DNA with other DNA seems to be a popular topic these days. I don't know if I would enjoy this movie or not, but it might be worth a peak at it to find out. I like sci-fi thrillers for the most part. Interesting related PS connection also.

 Post subject: Re: Splice
PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, '10, 2:59 am 
Yeah, I can see some definite similarities to the Neifirst story in that video. Oddly, it seems a little less violent than the way Neifirst's origin is typically presented. Maybe that's just the trailer, though. The name Dren reminds me of Wren, too. Nice find, Lucas. Thanks for sharing this one - I'll definitely have to check it out if it comes out in the US.

On a side note, any time I see the word "splice" used in the context of DNA alteration, I'm reminded of an episode of the Batman Beyond animated series. :lol:

 Post subject: Re: Splice
PostPosted: Thu Dec 2, '10, 10:16 am 
Madman has now finished the Australian screening of Splice and it's getting a DVD and Blu-Ray release on the 15th of December over here. I might pick this up and put it away for a Christmas present, or if I cant wait I’ll watch it there and then, which will most likely be the case :lol:. I'm quite interested in this film.

 Post subject: Re: Splice
PostPosted: Fri Dec 3, '10, 9:45 am 
Most reviews I've read say its a good film, but very disturbing.

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