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PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, '09, 3:29 pm 
Stress, games, Depeche Mode, and lawsuit

I think this story speaks for itself. :roll:

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, '09, 10:21 am 
Man some people can be pathetic :roll: if the game was making him so sad maybe he should have just stopped playing it and went outside and talked to some one.

I’ve never played WOW myself (and I don’t exactly plan too ever play) but I have heard similar stories of people complaining the game wastes their life. If they have any brain in their skull they would just stop playing if it’s that bad for them. :bang:

PostPosted: Mon Dec 7, '09, 5:09 pm 
I lost all respect for everyone mentioned in that article.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 8, '09, 1:52 pm 
I believe Arnold Schwazenegger said it best, " STOP WHINING!"

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