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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, '13, 2:02 am 
Marvel Comics are releasing some first issues available digitally.

Although free at first, it looks like they will begin costing a fee later this week.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, '13, 10:09 am 
That's great to have it for free !...for the moment ! So thank you for the news, I'll try to take a look now :)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, '13, 10:48 pm 
I keep wondering how the digital comics thing is going to go. The industry as a whole seems to be moving that way, but unlike a regular book, comics are such a visual medium that I'm not sure most people are comfortable reading them on a reader or tablet.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, '13, 5:02 am 
I read earlier today that this free 700 comics thing was canceled and postponed. Apparently, it was much too popular and the servers couldn't handle all the traffic being received, so the site involved was crashing. The article I read said the promotion would return at some unspecified future date, following upgrades so they could handle the influx of traffic better.

I suppose that says something about how successful of a medium digital has become for comics. It will be around for a long time, from the look of things. I don't have a reader or tablet, but I've read quite a few on my PC. It isn't the same has having a real book, but it has benefits for sure. Honestly, I think it is only a matter of time until print comics come to an end, much like many magazines and newspaper have already.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, '13, 12:11 pm 
Too bad ! :( I've seen that too but that was unfortunately sort of predictable :)

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