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 Post subject: Special Editions
PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, '07, 4:00 pm 
When a movie gets a second DVD release as a special edition, do you buy that if you've already bought the normal version? The special editions might be a director's cut, an extended version, have deleted scenes, or stuff like that.

If you think or know ahead of time that a movie is going to get a special edition, are you more likely to buy the initial DVD or wait for that enhanced version?

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, '07, 11:04 pm 
I usually just get the normal version. I never know if something will get an extended version, so I don't bother to wait. If I really enjoy the movie, I might get the extended cut also when or if it comes out. Like Lord of the Rings. I got the normal versions on some of those and then the extended as well. For a lot of movies, I'll just be content without the extension.

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