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 Post subject: Soupy Sales
PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, '09, 8:18 pm 
Comedian Soupy Sales has died at age 83:

A few notes about Soupy Sales that you might not know or remember:

He did the voice of Donkey Kong in some episodes of "Saturday Supercade" in the 1980's.

Also, I seem to remember that he may have done a guest spot on the old "Batman & Robin tv show (where Batman & Robin climb up the side of a building and a guest star opens a window and talks to the superheroes for a few minutes), but I can't find anything online about that so maybe that was someone else I'm thinking of. Anyone remember????

Soupy will be remembered with a lot of fun memories. May he :tombstone: . Condolences to his family.

 Post subject: Re: Soupy Sales
PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, '09, 4:34 am 
I didn't even recognize half the people that were used for that gimmick in Batman. :lol: He may very well have been one of them, but I think it would be in the IMDB list if he was on the show.

I don't recall Saturday Supercade, so I looked up a video of it... it looks like some crazy, weird stuff. I guess it would be the first cartoon with Mario in it too.

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